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Shadow Force [PMD][Actual RP]

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Edaerith was still enveloped in her ghostly vapor when Abagail disappeared. She hated the recruits to see her like this, but Abagail pushed Edaerith's limits too far. She rubbed her forehead in frustration and winced. She had to keep herself from splitting open in front of everyone, "S-Samba, could you please go get Baya?" It was rare for Ebaerith to stumble like that but she was unraveling. Her mega form began to fade and the mouths merged back into one. The purple aura was still surrounding her, but was becoming a calm lavendar as time passed. While she looked less menacing, the damage had been done for the townspeople to see her like this. Samba quickly nodded and trotted off in Bayaruel's direction, "Baya!" he barked loudly, unaware of his volume. As he approached the pink Sableye, he began to talk calmly and quietly, "Edith needs you..." he said, his tone obviously full of worry.
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The Sableye nodded silently, going in the direction where he saw Edaerith. "Thank you Samba. I'll handle this. Please go and announce that we're wrapping up the sign-ups for everyone who hasn't and wants to." he said, as he made his way over the the Mawile. He tenderly placed a hand on her shoulder. "Hey, Evie. You need to go inside and rest?" he said, with almost a whisper in his voice. He slowly moved his hand downward and rubbed her back, as the crowd had began dispersing to check the wreckage that Tony had made.
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(I... have no excuse for taking this long to post a reply, especially since I've had this mostly done by December 25th. So uh, I'm really sorry.) He kept his attention on the Rhydon until a flash of yellow entered his field of vision, accompanied by the lowering murmurs and the steps of Pokémon moving away. On cue, he finally dropped the protective barrier to step back from them as silently as the rest did already. The badge kept clutched on his hand, however, just in case the need to use it again rose up. Dirk clenched his jaw in order to suppress the mortified squeak that threatened to escape from his mouth. He could feel several stares fall on him at the Mayor’s question and he tried to hide the returning wave of guilt and regret by feigning indifference to it all, though stuffing back his hands in his pockets, along with the slight shrink of his already slumped posture might’ve given him away. ‘’We…’’ Ms. Lilianth, once again, was the first to speak despite the perceived tension –or maybe because of it? ‘’I don’t really know; when we stopped him here he was acting strange already,’’ a pause, ‘’more so than a corrupted Pokémon would, I mean’’ Some of the other Guildmates nodded along in agreement, their attention diverting away from Dirk just enough to allow some breathing space. ‘’Yeah!’’ the then angered one from before –a black and tan-furred Torracat– piped in. ‘’He was babbling stuff about ‘needing to flee’ and an ‘evil’ of some kind’’ More quiet hums and affirming nods followed, though he had the impression that none of them seem to have any clue of why Tony said all of that. Admittedly, he didn’t know either, but by being one of the Pokémon present in the plaza –albeit briefly– Dirk witnessed the possibly main cause of Tony’s current terrified state: Abagail. The Gardetomb did… something with her face to him back where the whole confrontation began, something horrifying enough to left the Rhydon fleeing from everyone there. The Mayor saw that too when it happened, so did he not know about that ‘ability’ of hers? Before he could even begin to muster the courage to speak, another member interjected by casually saying with a pointing gesture towards him, ‘’plus Swadloon here scared the guy into paralysis,’’ the Watchog dropped her arm, unaware of the choked hiss the Sevirino let out in response, ‘’that probably added to his fear, I think’’
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Edith nodded without another word. Her shoulders shuddered, "What have I done?" Samba nodded abruptly and went back to his prancing, "SIGNUPS ARE CLOSING! IF YOU ARE A NEW RECRUIT OR CURRENT GUILD MEMBER PLEASE REPORT TO INSIDE THE GUILD IN THE DINING AREA. A MEETING IS SOON GOING TO BE HELD, THANK YOU!!!!!" he screeched as happily as could be. Zero looked around her, her ears flat against her head. Everything was moving so fast that she didnt know what to do. It was probably wrong of her not to react but she couldnt help it: she was only recruited a couple weeks ago. She had never seen combat yet. Samba's voice blared through her shut ears and she jumped, her tail nearly knocking over a couple of pokemon behind her. "S-Sorry!" she squeaked and fumbled towards the guild enterance.
(Don't worry. If anyone's to blame, it should be me, for being lazy, and not creating a more... interesting experience so far? xD) Bayaruel chuckled nervously. "I actually don't know what you did. I was busy with some other townsfolk before Samba came over to get me. My impression is that it had something to do with Abby though?" He gently grabbed her hand with his other hand, and begin slowly walking her towards the entrance of the gym. "We should probably get you inside. Maybe once you get warmed up in there, you'll feel better." Giranite smiled at the booming Houndred, before he turned back to his newfound friends. "I guess that's our cue to begin heading inside." he told Baske and Iski. He looked up to Ms. Weavile and Ms. Drampa. "I suppose this is where we're going to have to part ways, at least for tonight." he told the two old women, waddling over to give them a hug. The Weavile scooped Giranite up in to her arms and hugged him tightly for an entire minute, before gently setting him back on the ground. "Be a good boy, Giranite." she said. Giranite nodded and made his way to the Drampa. "Oh, you won't have to worry about me." the Placid Pokemon said, taking off her hat and grinning down at the Fire-type. "I may be old, but I've still got a lot of life in me. We'll see eachother again soon enough." "Hmmmm..." the Lickilicky produced after a moment of thought. He began picking up the Rhydon as he thought to himself. The Rhydon struggled to get out of the Mayor's grip, but as he was still under the control of Dirk's paralysis, didn't put up much of a struggle. "Well... I suppose he did what he had to do." Mayor Lickilove finally spoke, once more. "We should be grateful that due to the assistance of you guild members, that you managed to keep him from escaping." He finally had picked up the Rhydon all the way up from the ground. Tony's body was tightly positioned on top of the Mayor's shoulder. "Now then, I suppose it's time for the members to get back to the plaza? The leaders may need you." he said, but in a more commanding tone of voice, as he began walking away with the limpless Tony.

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