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LunaOokami's AvatarLunaOokami
LunaOokami's Avatar
Tysm for sharing Trebor. If anyone else plans on buying some please pm so we can discuss swaps.
Buying G.Orbs @ 45zc Send trade or post here
KayLegg1997's AvatarKayLegg1997
KayLegg1997's Avatar
14th Place!
Sandslash666's AvatarSandslash666
Sandslash666's Avatar
You ranked 4th out of 1,321, placing you in the top 1%. oo yay <3 glad everyone liked my eggcellent choice haha

Things I'm collecting

All of the regi Summon items except steel(not enough space here to show the progress bars check my about me for them :3 )
× 13 /500
looking for Maravol Patterns check out the Maravol Breeders Directory Avartar done by continue
TsunWatanabe's AvatarTsunWatanabe
TsunWatanabe's Avatar
9th out of 1,321!! Top 1%, probably one of my highest entries yet!
Trebor's AvatarTrebor
Trebor's Avatar
Evoed my shiny ursaring (prev used in some 'Tough' contests) for this combo (Relaxed/Tough) and made this image. Seems a lot of you liked it. Ty for all the votes :-)
You ranked 13th out of 1,321, placing you in the top 1%. :-D
AVID delta collector Team
Continental Crush (Rock)
: 3210 pts Current Shiny Hunt 6/408 animated sprite courtesy of blitzydragon (formerly Bryianna88)
shinyexe's Avatarshinyexe
shinyexe's Avatar
"You ranked 2nd out of 1,321, placing you in the top 1%." sooo close, but yay! :D

jamie/hal | he/they/it/bro | 18

dragon + fairy delta collector | osdd system
journal credits


Code @Neonyan Forum Icon from the GaMERCaT Signature Pagedoll: Metal Gear Solid 2; sprite animated by me Divider: Pokemon B/W; sprite animated by me
(links below are preferably 16+) Type Race Score: 1452
Mirica199's AvatarMirica199
Mirica199's Avatar
27th in the top 3%!
new to forums, still learning I like to talk about magical animals called Pokemon can get emotional easily but that's ok since I love you all anyway my icon is from Pokemon Cafe Mix btw! Such a cute game~
oimky's Avataroimky
oimky's Avatar
23rd ☺️
Avatar- Mikael Eriksson Hunting:
Type Race Score: 2133
TR Credit: Hakano Riku/Guide
KayLegg1997's AvatarKayLegg1997
KayLegg1997's Avatar
9th Place/Top 1%
Trebor's AvatarTrebor
Trebor's Avatar
First chance to feature all the new Eggcessories (was hoping at least some would be considered 'Shapely') - so Super Happy with my placing considering just how many Anazing designs seen while voting this week :-D
. You ranked 48th out of 1,368, placing you in the top 4%.

Pages: 123··· 210211212213

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