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SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
SnivyQueen15's Avatar
Proud of my breakdancing beauty this time around!
You ranked 410th out of 1,205, placing you in the top 35%.
Silky is my character. Don't try stealing her! I'm SnivyQueen15, a RP junkie! I can give great tips on making them! And I got a favorite RP too... And a journal! Can't forget that.
Rye90's AvatarRye90
Rye90's Avatar
Just leave this here. My second 1st place :)
. Really happy about this. But I was wondering about something. It says "It seems your Theme score let you down. Try using Accessories that better match the chosen Theme and boost your score!" I double checked now here and here. And everything I used (Cape, Old Umbrella, Surfboard, Flag) falls under the category High for "Sharp" contest. Anyone knows, why this happened? Maybe there is not a big variety of items? With a better 'Theme Score' the bar would have been (almost) maxed out for me again.
148th place, top 13% Yet another Green Barette. I have too many Green Barettes
Stuff I'm after: An Ice Fang, any Vivillon or Maravol pattern I don't have, a shiny charm box, some shiny charms, Darecare passes or any currencies. "For the buds we regard in their coats of palest pink, In sweet memoriam, bloom as black as ink."
Lyrics from this song.
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Braìxen101's AvatarBraìxen101
Braìxen101's Avatar
You ranked 495th place out of 1,205, putting you in the top 39% I'm making a trade thread for berriee for accesoriee.
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Trebor's AvatarTrebor
Trebor's Avatar
@Rye90 - all that really means is at least one entrant scored higher in the Theme category than you did. Presuming you maxed out the possible Number of accessories (I believe I counted 31), then it all comes down to how PFQ ranks the accessories - as we have never been given a definitive list by the powers that be. Up to now (and going forward) we have only been able to rely on 'best guesses' as to which accessories rank where for each category. I do not believe variety of accessories has any effect on the theme score, as long as they are all ranked the same. (i.e. you should have been able to use all the Same accessory and still achieve a max score in Theme). It is possible certain PFQ specific ones have a slight advantage, but again, which ones, and in which categories (if so) is a complete mystery. Enjoy your win, as is, as I only know of a few contests where the winner actually got the phrase, "A Flawless Performance". You will get one of those someday as well, if you keep designing like you just did :-) Cheers!
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Rye90's AvatarRye90
Rye90's Avatar
@Trebor: Thanks for the answer. And yeah I do enjoy it. Should not sound like I did not xD I was just wondering, since I thought 'High, Medium and Low' were the only values, which matters in this category. Also did not consider, that it might also depend, if someone scored higher in this category. I would have thought, that people could have the same Theme score, if multiple maxed it. But well, guess this is really all speculation now. Note: I had "A Flawless Performance" a few weeks ago with my Ho-oh. But thats not what matters to me. Always more than happy, if it is enough for a Top-10 or something. Like I said, I was only wondering, what could have lowered the Theme score ;)
MonkeyBug853's AvatarMonkeyBug853
MonkeyBug853's Avatar
Top 4%
Avatar credit goes to PFQ, from advent calendar
Ladybug's AvatarLadybug
Ladybug's Avatar
Didn't enter, show me your best yall
My babies <3
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NeonFlame's AvatarNeonFlame
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top 18% but ok
Gif by KitKatKutie2
Trebor's AvatarTrebor
Trebor's Avatar
Ever so close xD (VERY happy with this result)
. You ranked 2nd out of 1,190, placing you in the top 1%.

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