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Well I guess we have two suggestions for the contest. ^-^ Which one will be decided on? Also, I did about how I thought. The design I had in mind kept not working as I played with it, but I think I ended up with an OK design. I love some patterns I put into it, but it’s REALLY just not as cohesive as I wanted it. XP It seems your Popularity score let you down. Try creating a more impactful design with your Pokémon and Accessories to gain more votes and boost your score! You ranked 26th out of 1,333, placing you in the top 2%.
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64th, yeah I did decent with my limited accessories (even if I paid like 1 mil credits for the surfboards)
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Yeah... no xD I really don't like the Sharp Theme. I don't even know what I attempted, but at least it worked xD
*** You ranked 28th out of 1,333, placing you in the top 3%.
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QUOTE originally posted by Skiddo

Dang, that 1st place Minior, I love the striking colour scheme ;o;
Thank you! ^w^ I was a bit surprised to get "a flawless performance" again since I don't really like "The Sharp" theme just like everyone else it seems xD.
Trebor's AvatarTrebor
Trebor's Avatar
Entered. (Mostly just to get rid of the sign up notification in my timers bar :P. Top 100 finish will be decent with this entry I'm thinking). Excellent work on your 1st place finish entry Laliana. Well deserved win :-)
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Good luck to you, Trebor~ I have high hopes for this entry. One of my favorite mons <3 I hope you all will like the design too~
My babies <3
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What item do you win for getting 1st place?
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@Kaolin, I've never been close to 1st, so I would like to know too^^ also, when you get 5 people to vote for, do you have to vote for them?? Some just put a random pokemon and submit the entry without decorations...So annoying...
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1st Place gets the same set of Prizes as any other Top 1% finisher, but with the most GP possible (I think it's 200). Plus bragging rights of course. xD Same for a Top, top finish - designated a "flawless performance" where you not only won, but had the highest score in all three categories (Appeal, Theme & Popularity) As for voting, I (usually) spend more time refreshing the page (gives you 5 new entries to choose from), than I do actually voting. Sometimes I will refresh five or more times to find a design that meets my criteria that week for being vote worthy.
Besolo4life's AvatarBesolo4life
Besolo4life's Avatar
Oh, so you refresh it! Great, now I don't have to give votes to...Welp, un-decorated entries.

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