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Melanistic Hatching Thread

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QUOTE originally posted by bogchamp

HELLO??? 3 for 3 stretchies...whERE is my droopy child omg (up for swaps tbh)
manifesting your droopy friend!!! droopy is also my favorite :)

Mochi ✪ 21 ✪ they/he/kit

Your local catboy hoarding quirky, bashful, and docile mons!
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Dry food
Happiness 27%
Modest nature
Sally stared directly at my Everstones and then decided to slap this acorn with MODEST :blepscrem: And so the hunt continues. Yeeting this guy into an UFT field.
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So excited to see this little one. Just one more melan to go
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AkiraUtada's AvatarAkiraUtada
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I.. cannot believe this just happened. And in my partners preferred nature 🥹 Edit I just realized no zcrystal and no shiny charm!
sprites by AstrayedHannah
Tsun💜Credit│Type Race: 2735
PaldeanWooper's AvatarPaldeanWooper
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QUOTE originally posted by AkiraUtada

I.. cannot believe this just happened. And in my partners preferred nature 🥹
wow and without a shiny charm active too, im impressed! congrats!
Woopah • He/Him • Crippling Wooper Addict Shop
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mimi | she/her/they | 23

grass/fairy type enthusiast | sweet/jolly special hoarder
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finished arrokuda :D
Seranity's AvatarSeranity
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i.... sally..... pls... but thank you.... don't need him so i guess he's up for sale!

seranity | she/her | hunting:

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veggieㅤ|ㅤshe / themㅤ|ㅤnaughty

naughty ice delta collector hoarder of impidimps. please gift!
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Chaösity's AvatarChaösity
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Not naughty, so the hunt goes on :D
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