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Melanistic Hatching Thread

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Silver Raven's AvatarSilver Raven
Silver Raven's Avatar
And so, I didn't get a single shiny or albino yet
Juice's AvatarJuice
Juice's Avatar
Feels good to hatch a melan again c:
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Cryst's AvatarCryst
Cryst's Avatar
another one for the galar melan collection :') skipped straight to my fields and immediately gasped cause i didnt think id hatch one T_T but im happy bc my last melan on this chain was more than 2k eggs ago (in 2021)!!!! but this was gonna be my type race hunt so now i gotta find something else... also i swear i hunt more than just galar melans........
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Eveningkind's AvatarEveningkind
Eveningkind's Avatar
poison blades.....
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QUOTE originally posted by Eveningkind

poison blades.....
Gorgeous!! beautiful!!! what a wonderful Scyther!!
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bloodworm's Avatarbloodworm
bloodworm's Avatar
picked this back up at 890 and finally got it around 1100! I love her.
teddyArrives's AvatarteddyArrives
teddyArrives's Avatar
My first Melan since my return to the site!!! On egg 3096, but better later than I wanted than never! I'll continue my hunt till I get sick of it : )
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Arahkan's AvatarArahkan
Arahkan's Avatar
Weird that it wasn't Sei Day and still managed this. Either way, welcome the two newest members of our herd this year! ;w; Hoping to get the Giveaway Thread up for approval after Type Race!
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Cheterro's AvatarCheterro
Cheterro's Avatar
Second melan:)
luciiddreamer's Avatarluciiddreamer
luciiddreamer's Avatar
Third Melan Pony of the chain and it's ANOTHER male Whyyyyyyyy

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