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Melanistic Hatching Thread

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Tala-chan's AvatarTala-chan
Tala-chan's Avatar
Baby alert! I was finally able to find my own eggs in the shelter again, so I decided to delta the whole party... And I was blessed with this baby! I love her so much ;.;
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Sari's AvatarSari
Sari's Avatar
I can finally join the tournament potd melan club, so happy <33
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I did get a shiny first this time.. But it's the first Albino of the hunt! I can't decide whether Sally likes me or is trying to troll me :')
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Durant's AvatarDurant
Durant's Avatar
She's here. I love this exclusive so much. Was so nervous as the melan hadn't been disovered but this melan is so beutiful. I am so happy I decied to hunt for one.
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Sapphyre's AvatarSapphyre
Sapphyre's Avatar
didn't expect him, im just gem hunting, UFS
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Zweira's AvatarZweira
Zweira's Avatar
Im just trying to get ahead in the tourney at this point since Ill be busy this weekend. Again, not complaining. Im really loving this tourney though. xD
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abingy's Avatarabingy
abingy's Avatar
I got to join this week's potd melan club too! It's not a mon I particularly care about, but she's actually a birthday melan so I think I should keep her :)
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Orchid's AvatarOrchid
Orchid's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by abingy

I got to join this week's potd melan club too! It's not a mon I particularly care about, but she's actually a birthday melan so I think I should keep her :)
Congratulations on the birthday gift from Sally!
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röuxbixcube's Avatarröuxbixcube
röuxbixcube's Avatar
hatched this baby earlier today when i hatched a party quick before work : 0 now for one more!!
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Silver Raven's AvatarSilver Raven
Silver Raven's Avatar
ummmm what

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