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Melanistic Hatching Thread

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QUOTE originally posted by RailaRoxie

im gonna cry she's my first melan legend ever and she's my nature pref and i was SO sad after she didn't show up during type race. and this was probably going to be the last time i could continue this hunt for a while since the tourney + paldea drop means i'd be losing Arceus rank but i decided i'd give it one last go and here she is, i love her so so so so much and she's here and she's timid and she's perfect
i must say im just a little jealous but thats a massive achivement! congrats bro!! <3
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Sandwich post, apologies. I have hatched 3 melans. Not one of them has been naive. For sale, just like the last one. -n-
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good lord i am so happy to be posting here i was losing hope. look at how many eggs this dang bird took to show up. + 127 from my star pass i am so tired. but so glad
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My 2nd Dark Pink <3
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Congrats everyone on your Melans ♥ So many pretties today :o Started off today with Pichu, wasn't having any luck with it. So I switched hunts and Crystals, seems to have paid off :o After weeks of having some pretty terribly melan luck, sally seems to have taken some pity on me. Got some bugs for DP~ It's been quite some time now since I've hatched so many melans in one day!
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Me: Its going to be a while before my next apple. Sally: Me: OWO
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Non-electric hunts have been a lot nicer to me than electric ones recently Gonna go for another to complete the line :)
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Oh my goodness! Second melan a day after my first! Sally is being too kind to me ;u;
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my first supplier melan. 7th melan pichu.
GrapeJelly's AvatarGrapeJelly
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As I'm hatching my first party of eggs after I wake up I'm thinking to myself, "wouldn't it be funny to finish this melan line so early" and then I hatched this guy. 8/676, first melan in chain was 4/450.
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