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Melanistic Hatching Thread

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Cledànio's AvatarCledànio
Cledànio's Avatar
Yaaaaay my first TR melan arrived! I ADORE her aaa!!!

Cledanio | She/They| Adult

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Sandslash666's AvatarSandslash666
Sandslash666's Avatar
got me a pretty TR baby <3

Things I'm collecting

All of the regi Summon items except steel(not enough space here to show the progress bars check my about me for them :3 )
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abingy's Avatarabingy
abingy's Avatar
A lot of my hunts recently have been a bit unlucky so a very early melan is very much appreciated! I believe this is my earliest melan in a chain now
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Durant's AvatarDurant
Durant's Avatar
She so pretty. Another fairy for the collection. I don't know what I did to please sally but I thank her for all these lovely melans
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abingy's Avatarabingy
abingy's Avatar
Sorry to sandwich post but you're kidding me right?? I can't believe this hunt is already done in under 100 eggs (although not actually done quite yet cause somehow I completed the melan line before the shiny and albino lines lol). I just picked up this hunt for the upcoming tourney cause I hate having to check the daycare in the shelter and it looked like no one else was hunting it, but it's done before it even started. So I guess I gotta find another egg that hopefully no one else is hunting
NatsNeko's AvatarNatsNeko
NatsNeko's Avatar
Another for the collection <3
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impish.sei's Avatarimpish.sei
impish.sei's Avatar
i got so excited when the first melan ended up being the goal colour, a yellow plumage, especially when those have been my rarest shinies and albinos, and the very last ones i was able to get for my collection out if the 4 and then he's lax even when coming from my pair sally is so cruel
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Silver Leaf


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Rawst BerryRawst Berry
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Sour food
Happiness 27%
Lax nature

Hatched Shinies

glitter glitter, shine so bright

Hatched Albinos

pastel power!

Hatched Melans

heart attack in a purple sparkle

Hatched Eggs

so many eggs.....
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luciiddreamer's Avatarluciiddreamer
luciiddreamer's Avatar
I...I got it... I GOT IT!!! As with all my melans, I had to just...sit there and marinate in the fact that it's here! One more to go for the line, and now I feel much better about it!

pic credit

Childe "Ajax" Tartaglia from Genshin Impact
Tabitha Mori's AvatarTabitha Mori
Tabitha Mori's Avatar
1.1k eggs later, and he's the wrong nature. Will be UFT ^^
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skylucario's Avatarskylucario
skylucario's Avatar
got my 4th melan in 2 days with 7 seconds left on my z crystal & my last planned party of the chain i’ve never gotten more than 1 melan in a chain before so this is wild to me……like this hunt was so painful and fruitless before i paused it, but now i’m just being handed melans 😭 she’s an extra, but i’m keeping her just in case roserade ever gets a totem/mega forme :,)
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