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Courage, Wisdom, & Power [A Zelda Clan]

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Thank you!~
Hello! I'm Calliope! I'm a crazy mythology addict who loves Ralts and Shaymin~ Credits Eclipse Referral
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What is you guys's favorite part/opinions on the '' Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild"?
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I absolutely love it~ I made a separate account on my Wii U to be able to play it and I fell in love with it. I just spend most of my time riding my horse to be perfectly honest. I love my horses in that game <3
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I beat ganon, but I haven't finished the expansion pack, even though I have it. I mostly just wander around hyrule getting my materials inventory to the max.
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Breath of the Wild is easily one of my favorite Zelda games. I find it kind of difficult to replay, but when it first came out I spent MONTHS just playing from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed (I think I stopped around August? Then played again when the Champion's Ballad came out). I ditched class multiple times just to play it, don't do this at home I gotta ask, but were you guy's favorite discoveries or aspects about the game? I remember I spent hours just playing around Gerudo town. Loved that place. Also, cooking. I know a lot of people don't like the story, but I personally enjoyed doing the story portions of the game, especially Zora's Domain
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Username: Søba Nøødles Nickname: Soba Position: Hylian for now Favorite Characters: Midna, Vaati, Princess Hilda Favorite Game: I actually have two ALBW and MC Other:
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I just started playing Breath of the Wild again last week. I love it sooooo much. -w- I remember getting it a few days after it released (I spent a few hours on it) and I spent the entire next week (spring break) clocking in over 100 hours. It was amazing. After five years... I’m not even kidding, I started the next Monday and ended Saturday, with 110 hours and 10 minutes. I beat Ganon too. But anyway, I’m taking time to actually really explore some parts of the game. Finishing shrine quests, actually traveling without teleporting, it’s great. I was in lower Tabantha and went up Gerudo Summit and ended up going back down and into Hebra. You really do get a lot more out of the game by doing that kind of thing. Also, Mipha is best smol
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Honestly my favorite aspect of the game is just kind of taking in the vast world that they layed out for you and making new discoveries. I remember when I discovered this little area while looking for the Gerudo Village that had a ton of Power Bananas and stuff. It reminded me of an oasis and was probably one of my favorite discoveries.
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Username: Red Eyes Nickname: Red Position: Hylian Favorite Characters: Nayru(Oracle of Ages), Darunia, Carpenter from Breath of the Wild, Sidon, Daruk, Lord Ghirahim Favorite Game: Tie between Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Breath of the Wild Other:
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both accepted, welcome

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