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Pokefarm Mentors; Discussion 'Ideas'

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ManahKyoko's AvatarManahKyoko
ManahKyoko's Avatar
I really hope mentors get back. I'm new and very lost on a lot of things.
Constantine's AvatarConstantine
Constantine's Avatar
Hi ManahKyoko, thank you for the interest! Remember if you need help right away you can contact a moderator, or post a question in the help forum. Plenty of people are willing to help within the community. Thank you for reading and take care~ -- This thread is still open for more ideas and etc! Anything that you think that can be used to help improve the game that's obtainable by community-based clan are welcome.
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matecocido's Avatarmatecocido
matecocido's Avatar
I'm highly looking forward to this happening again, it seemed interesting but it was already locked once I discovered it :') Hopefully I can guide others in the future!
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MerpleSerple's AvatarMerpleSerple
MerpleSerple's Avatar
Unfortunately I wasn't on PFQ when the Pokefarm Mentors was a thing, but I'll still leave my two cents (based off Cele's list). Hopefully it'll be helpful. ^^ I'd really love to see something like this available, I think it'd really help people get into the community more! (sorry if i necroposted, this is just a pinned thread)

Questions you wanted answered as a Newbie

A lot of it was forum etiquette. I still write too professionally out of anxiety, and having someone to ask whether or not I was using a forum properly or in the right space would've gotten me into the site much faster.

What pointers do you wish you had been given?

Anything involving boxes. I only learned about boxboxes about a year ago at most. They're a very important resource to F2P users, and I missed out on a lot of good stuff since I was unaware.

What resources did you find the hardest to locate?

Either premium currency, or unpopular pokemon. I spent a long time saving up for my shelter pass, and probably spent a lot more currency going about it the way I did. A lot of excessive searching for both was had, until I figured it out on my own. Someone had mentioned Alomomola, for example... *sigh.*

What traits do you think a good Mentor should have?

Patience is a must, but also flexibility is needed. Often, typing can accidentally come off as rude, so you would need someone who can handle things with a level head and who asks questions, not someone who makes assumptions. I'd also say being able to teach is a skill that not everyone has, but they can develop it. I'd also like to add on that kindness and open mindedness are also very important. I realize not everyone understands what its like to have adhd/add, so issues that affect me would probably be confusing to others. Being able to understand someone elses perspective and help find work-arounds for issues would be very helpful, but I wouldn't expect that of every mentor, either, as thats a lot of energy.

What interests you the most about having an official Mentor program?

It'd give newbies a higher chance of sticking with the site, I think. Having someone be able to point you in a direction once you hit that first roadblock of "what now" would've probably prevented my first hiatus, and I imagine that would be the case for others. Also, it could help prevent accidental rule breaking if newbies could be directed somewhere if they need longer term help than just a question or two in the guides/help forum.

What concerns do you have for an official Mentor program?

I would worry that mentees would start relying on asking mentors things instead of searching out answers on their own, but it's already been addressed in earlier posts it seems. I could also see something happening where a mentor has wrong information, and accidentally spreads that. Of course, you'll also always have drama if theres a group large enough, but most people are reasonable so it should be avoidable/easily smoothed over for the most part. Not everyone can be friends, but they don't have to.
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Yeah, this would actually help a lot! But, I actually think a Q&A could be more helpful; a few designated people that meet requirements could answer the questions. But I suppose that's what the Wiki's for. Anyway, I have a few opinions about this so I categorized them like some people did:


People must be at least Master or above People must be friendly. I have no idea how the second one would work out, but maybe there could be a form for signing up to be a mentor something...? Then, by reading through the forms, a moderator could decide who gets to be a mentor or not...? Honestly, I don't know if it would be harder for any of the mods to do this, or if they'd have their hands full or something(sorry if its an idea that takes a lot of time, moderators!), but its an idea I think might be able to work out...but I don't know about other factors, so maybe it wouldn't?

What I Think Mentors Could Help With

Questions, tips, something along those lines. Where to find something, and just be a guide in general.
These are just my ideas for now, could change later.
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