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Pokefarm Mentors; Discussion 'Ideas'

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Cyndalavosion's AvatarCyndalavosion
Cyndalavosion's Avatar
Well, as you just stated, they could be new to Pokémon in general so I think the only limit should be making sure they are pg topics and nothing inappropriate. As for that, I think it would be kind of... unfair to make a new player limit what they want to learn about? I think the old pfq mentor thing had that too and I just put that I want to learn how to play the site lmao
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Gengirl's AvatarGengirl
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Oh, the limit isn't for the mentee; it's for the mentor. We don't want everyone requesting a celebrated artist and hunter of all specials who has Arceus Rank and also happens to be an excellent RPer. Oh, and ofc they're a mentor now too LOL. The mentee is free to pursue everything and the mentor will be helping with whatever that happens to be, but if the mentee has something specific in mind to do first it would help them more to be paired with a mentor especially knowledgeable in that area. If they don't know, another option could just be: -I don't know yet
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Corviknight's AvatarCorviknight
Corviknight's Avatar
Honestly, Gengirl, I think that all of that is far too complex and hard to manage. Randomly matching mentors and mentees seems much easier for the staff to manage, and I really don't think there would be a definitive advantage anyways. If a mentee wants to learn how to RP on the site and the mentor isn't interested in that, they can just refer the mentee to someone who is. And in general, a mentor is probably going to have a thorough grasp on any aspect relating to gameplay.
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Cyndalavosion's AvatarCyndalavosion
Cyndalavosion's Avatar
I am still rather curious what the staff are still looking for in regards to what they need our thoughts on o3o; It would help us with giving input if we knew what aspects of this idea we should focus on talking about, if that makes sense ^^;
KaiserMeowser's AvatarKaiserMeowser
KaiserMeowser's Avatar
I agree with Gladion that it would be a bit too complex, and I don't really think this clan is for making friends per se ^^' I think it'd be up to the mentor and/or mentee to engage in small talk/other topics and then escalate from there to friends if both are okay with that. Ice breakers aren't really necessary, since a mentor would just ask what the mentee would like to tackle first or something like that. The mentee could also easily start the conversation. Personally, I really enjoy helping people but I wouldn't want to be friends with every person who I helped due to for example; conflicting personalities, not having enough interests in common or a large age gap, etc. And I wouldn't want to be forced into partaking in other stuff that would potentially lead people on into thinking that I'm their friend. Just because we matched on favorite Pokémon, doesn't mean we'd get along outside of the mentoring program :c I guess there could be a little note for the more timid people, like: "Feeling intimidated? Remember, the mentors are here to help and won't bite you! Saying 'hi' and picking a topic to ask help with is a good start!"
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Manewa's AvatarManewa
Manewa's Avatar
I think KaiserMeowser nailed the point there: Mentor's first purpose is to be of help. Becoming a friend is optional. I mean... Irl schools have tutor students (at least around here), whose job is to help the newcomers with questions they might have. Normal stores have staff you can ask for help if you can't find something. Most companies have customer service of somesort to clarify their terms of service. I doubt people would befriend every single one of these people. And another point would be that the mentors are not just anyone, they are people who applied and had to be accepted as mentors. They are people who have already offered to help and taken the initiative to do so. So if the mentee is of the more timid type, I think we can just say that it's the mentor's duty to start up the conversation. "Hi, I'm your new mentor, nice to meet you. How can I help you?" would probably be enough of an ice breaker for most newbies. What happens from thereafter is up to the two of them, and I think 'we' as the clan should neither encourage or discourage anything more.
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Constantine's AvatarConstantine
Constantine's Avatar
Not really, Cynda. We want the user's input. Simple. Doesn't matter what, we filter through it until and piece things together. All we can do until we have the staff to actually do this. This is why it's taking so long. Haha, this isn't even supposed to be my project DX Anyway, I agree with Manewa. Mentors are to help, sure, being friends is good and all. But then if you're a mentee that means you're more than likely shiny and new, you're going to be put with a mentor who will help you - but is also going to have to do things you're not going to like if you break the rules. Report you. Which they certainly will be doing if you break the rules. Of course, if you're looking to be a mentor and don't like the idea of that they don't sign up for it. In regards to how it would go about in regards to assigning. Look, I like the whole idea of putting people together who will be great friends and all that. Might work, mostly won't. Time zones are the big one. And pairing mentees up with mentors who are 'veterans' in regards to the interests their in. RPing won't be one, art won't be one - we're looking for things such as 'how to use the forums' 'how to go about trading' 'how to do x and y'. A mentor is supposed to well, mentor, not to coddle and feed them gifts. After all. Some mentors might have multiple mentees. A mentor is there to just keep them on the up and up and to make sure they know the basics of the site, to answer questions, direct them to the correct sources, report when needed etc. Sorry if this sounds like gibberish, I'm tired.
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Terabbit's AvatarTerabbit
Terabbit's Avatar
Hnnng I'm so excited for this feature. Constantine do you have any idea how long it is going to take to get off the ground? As for suggestions. I'm just wondering whens the cut off of being a mentee a d whend the beginning of being a mentor? As well as what would happen if either became suddenly inactive for a long time.
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Constantine's AvatarConstantine
Constantine's Avatar
Honestly have no idea, if we had the manpower and wasn't knees deep in over developments we probably would have had this up and running. Can't fault it though. Right now, we're just lacking the people to do this efficiently. So we're holding back and covering every base for when it is implemented. That's all I can say on that. e_e Personally I am a bit put off how long its taking though. If you finish being a mentee you don't just become a mentor. Mentors will be thoroughly looked into and kept an eye on. Mentors will be upstanding pokefarmers who have shown they know what they're talking about and can aid. Inactivity cut off point will probably be a few weeks.
Cyndalavosion's AvatarCyndalavosion
Cyndalavosion's Avatar
Fnjvrmek, Lemme just try to help *cough* For signing up for a mentor/applying to have a mentee I would suggest pairing up by time zones, that does sound best Again, as was stated, friendship is second, helping is first And same timezones is generally a good way to pair people together If sleep schedules are different then timezones then that should be included Inactivity I would say personally, maybe a week after bring it to someones attention Cutoff for having a mentee Well, idk that's rather difficult to gauge Maybe there shouldn't be one? Like, they would still be welcome to ask questions, but maybe once it has been a certain amount of time Say a month for example Maybe that would be enough time For being a mentee, I mean, probably also hard to gauge I don't like the though of doing it based off when they joined, people could have come back after years and be clueless lmao Maybe they just list the various things they need help understand I would suggest just, people with the bulb but I really think that is only there depending on pokedex entries? Correct me if I am wrong For your choosing mentors, do you have a list yet or do you want people to be suggested? And it obviously goes without being said but just to let you know, since you seem rather swamped and stressed over this I can confidently say myself and at least a few others that have been posting here would gladly be willing to help out more, should you find yourself needing more help. I know us helping in this thread is a lot but should there be more we can do, just ask. Happy to help.

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