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Pokefarm Mentors; Discussion 'Ideas'

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Constantine's AvatarConstantine
Constantine's Avatar
Hi there folks, This thread is basically to have you guys discuss ideas for Pokefarm Mentors, tell us what you want to see. I won't be revealing what we have for the time being, but listening to the community could certainly have us change things or nod our heads proudly because we already had that idea! So what do you want out of the official clan; Pokefarm Mentors. Keep in mind that Pokefarm Mentors is basically a clan where senior members can aid and help those who are new to our community. Such as giving advice, helping them with hunts etc. Basically a buddy system. But of course, these senior members should know not to mini-mod or allow begging. You know how it goes. So what would you guys want from a buddy system like this?
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Crazy's AvatarCrazy
Crazy's Avatar
What I found from running the old thread for a little bit when fated disappeared was that a free for all in deciding who got mentors didnt work. I think if someone applies to get a mentor then the mentee should be assigned a mentor based upon factors such as time zone. I believe I am right is assuming there will be a quiz in order to become a mentor so I'm curious about how long this quiz to qualify is or if there is any other criteria to meet? Thats my two cents for now although I'm sure I'll be back soon ^^'
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Lilbug33's AvatarLilbug33
Lilbug33's Avatar
(Edit is for a more organized list of things I'd like to see! c:) *Assigned mentors/mentees. In the old thread, this was chaos, haha. For example; A mentoree needs help on how to hatch eggs faster, getting credits for shiny hunting, and the like. A mentor has listed off that they can help with hatching eggs, getting credits, etc. So those two are both paired up, if that made any sense at all. *You can only have one mentoree. You should be able to have one mentoree. Not five, not eighty-seven. One. This was pretty confusing in the past thread, an issue that made it difficult for some to even know who their mentor/mentoree was. *Ranks I think that to be a mentoree, you should be a Newbie-Senior, and to be a mentor you should be a Superior-Arceus.
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arbor's Avatararbor
arbor's Avatar
possible requirements for mentors: having been on the site a certain amount of time, and/or being of a certain rank. i wasn't a part of the original clan, but assigned mentees definitely sounds like a good idea.
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LunaOokami's AvatarLunaOokami
LunaOokami's Avatar
I'm in agreement with the above, a 'free for all' was messy so mentorees being assigned to mentors would work much better with little to no confusion. Something that's probably the most obvious thing to have but I think that when a user applies to become mentor there should be a strengths section to the form like there was on the form in the old thread/clan and then mentorees are assigned to those whose strenghts are those that the mentoree is asking for. If that makes sense? I also think that if the quiz is still going to be implented then if a user fails it they should get an area(s) of improvement notice
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. Lastly I think that as this a PFQ offical clan that there shoukd be a link to the clan at the end of the tutorial at the Lab as part of the speech from Prof. Holly. (If I remember correctly Prof. Holly says about how the user has now completed the tutorial so she could say that if the user wants some help or assist then to go to the PFQ Mentors.
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Lyra's AvatarLyra
Lyra's Avatar
The free for all was indeed somwhat messy. I agree with others that the new members should be assigned. That way PFQ can make sure the right persones are assigned. You can think of timezone, strength and weeknesses, experince, interst etc. I think timezone and available time should also be verry important. I think a mentor should be online at least once a day, but I don't know how manny people do that, so I don't know if that is managable. It might be handy that during the tutorial the newbabies would be already directed to the pokefarm mentores clan. The earlier you can help somone the better right? As a newbabie I already had a few qeustions like a few minutes after I signed up. But I do think it should still be voluntairy, the sign up as montor and menteery. I think that only one or two mentee for each mentor. I also do wounder how hard the quize will be? You don't want it to be to easy or to hard. But that might be me overthinking it. I also think that mentors shouldn't be people who have been warned mulitipel times for being rude or abusing other people. I don't want newbies to be scared of there mentors, but on the other hand I don't really want to exclude anyone so there might be a verry fine line there. And I can't describe it well, sorry. I just want that the newbies are looked after and not being abused like what hapend with the free beast ball. But those are my two cents. Sorry for reapeting so much of what has already been said.
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Dr.Devorak's AvatarDr.Devorak
Dr.Devorak's Avatar
Mm, I agree with Lyra on the fact that mentors should be people that won't take advantage of new players. Like advising them on fair trades and prices so they dont get cheated out.
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Mystera's AvatarMystera
Mystera's Avatar
Maybe make a maximum time limit on how long a mentee can stay as such? I personally had one just vanish on me, like wasn't logging into the site at all, and I was just kinda stuck since there wasn't a specific "if they poof for X days you're free."
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Crazy's AvatarCrazy
Crazy's Avatar
I agree with mystera- however I also think about the other way around. What if the mentor goes awol? Its okay if a mentor says theyre going away for a bit so a new one can be reassigned?
Eltafez's AvatarEltafez
Eltafez's Avatar
Bumping to see if there's any more feedback. ^^
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