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The Rorie League (actual RP)

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Andy had left the main road and followed a smaller path to the geysers. While he couldn't evade every stone or bump in the road - and didn't aim for that because the jeep was capable of dealing with it - he tried to keep the ride as smooth as possible. He decided it was time to interject, although he didn't mind to let the young trainers in the back talk to each other "The research is geological in nature, but we also need to locate an Onix. There is some geological instability happening on one of the island and we need to make sure the geysers here aren't showing the same problems. And if there is a geological instability here it's important we find that Onix as soon as possible."
The Resto gym leader watched the last trainers come down the volcano and looked at the smoke coming from the top. She quickly checked the laptop to see what her instruments inside said and she frowed as she examined the data. When the last trainers got in the car she took place and drove away.
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Salenea's AvatarSalenea
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Sarah listened with interest, while she kept her bags as secure as possible. Toxel, Toxtricity, Galar. It was al very interesting what Jesse told. More questions rose as Jesse explained about the lab and the other Toxels. She understood pokemon forming a bond with their trainers all to well, her Girafarig had been with her for a very long time too. "I came here to learn more about pokemon in different area's in general and I'm also very interested to observe about pokemon-trainer behaviour and how trainers prepare for the very specific Rorie League rules." Sarah said before Andy spoke up. She frowned as Andy spoke. "Geological instability? Like earthquakes?" She pondered as she thought about what she knew about the islands. Didn't one of them have a volcano? What if that Onix git trapped in a caved in tunnel or something? Sarah dug up her phone and send a message to her brother to ask on which island he was and if he was safe. ------------------------- Gabe looked at the volcano as they drove away, he was glad they were moving but would they get far enough in time? "Where will we be safe? Do we need to get off the island?" He asked worriedly. When he heard his phone he read the message and made a video of the volcano. When he got a nice shot of the ominously smoke cloud he replied that the fire gym leader was driving them to safety right now and send the video.
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Air blew through Shoyoko’s hair as she flew above he forest on her way back to the town as requested. Blades was still nestled in the girls hair, watching the Meowstic quietly and with suspicion. It’s dark blue fur was also blowing, and it seemed to be unbothered by the ride.
Kylie had gotten into the car fairly fast, mostly to prioritise the safety of Flurry and Striker. It had recently came to her attention of the Cyndaquil’s restlessness. “Tremors got you worked up, girl? It’ll pass.” She reassured and Flurry eased down a bit.
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Lillian had watched the trainers board the vehicle with the tour guide and head off. She looked around, wondering where to go next. Bonsai tugged on her leg, pointing left. "Left?" She questioned as the Froakie nodded. "Okay!" She shrugged, heading left.
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Salenea's AvatarSalenea
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Sarah read the message and viewed the video. "The volcano on Resto is on the verge of erupting, my brother just send a video from the back of the car of the Gym leader." she hoped it would stop with just rumbling and hot smoke. "Is that the cause of the geological instability you mentioned?"
Gabe leaned back in the seat. He felt safe now, although a very small part of him was nagging about how a car wouldn't be able to outrun a violent eruption. "Everyone ok?" he asked his fellow trainers. He looked back again, ready to record if anything would happen.

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