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The Rorie League (actual RP)

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Calle's AvatarCalle
Calle's Avatar
A figure with a hat on and dressed in a raincoat entered the Pokémon Center where Kathrin had entered to heal her Squirtle. He went to the phone in the corner to call someone. Most of the conversation was inaudible, but someone paying attention to the call could here the words 'my trap'.
A Spinarak walked on top of the busstop, looking at the trainers below. It was about to shoot a string shot when it noticed the bus arriving.
"We can only be who we are, no more, no less" Kahlan Amnell (from Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind) The Rorie League - a Pokémon Trainer RP (open)
Salenea's AvatarSalenea
Salenea's Avatar
Gabe nodded as he looked at his pokemon. Tepig didn't seem to look forward to clim the volcano but Mareep and Machop were. Fetch and Wingull weren't bothered at all but since they could fly that did. Oddish was willing to give it a try for her trainer. "Let's go." Gabe said as he gestured to the path. Reluctantly Tepig started walking he kept a good pace, not wanting to look unot for the task but started panting sooner then he liked. Mareep was running ahead and looked at each plant they passed, often falling behind and having to catch up again, joyfully she forgot it was part of a training and was just having a good time. Machop was jogging up but when he noticed Oddish struggling with her little legs he started to help her and they ended up half walking, half hopping. Luckily the path was easy and well marked so even Gabe didn't get lost. Although he did almost walk on a path to a different route twice. "Shouldn't be much longer he said." a little out of breath by the pace he held. Fetch and Wingull flew ahead and perched down on a rock near the top where a somewhat of a square open field was.

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