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The Rorie League (actual RP)

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the red haired trainer returns the flygon to its pokeball and walks in and up to the desk "could ya heal my three real quick? we got stopped by a school of seaking on the way here" she pulls out 3 pokeballs *one pokemon center scene later* she walks out and looks around, finding a bus stop with maps of the city "jackpot! now wheres that gym?" she walks down the sidewalk, wondering what kind of trainers she'll encounter
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Shoyoko had already set out for the day, and went immediately to the forest she saw yesterday. The next Contest can wait. Besides, she had Shelia. She walked through, Blades gripping her hair. ------------------------------------ Kylie had woke up early to get Flurry and Striker ready. Flurry wasn't too pleased, though. "OK you two, we have a Gym Fight today. We gotta work hard to get to Evoru. You ready?" The duo reply with determined cries.
Calle's AvatarCalle
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"Mine too," Blake said. "If you want you can step inside my gym later today, I will open up in about an hour. But I also heard Alana on Ornitan will have a noon tea party for female trainers, just to chat about what it means to be a trainer."
While the quick ball captured the Rhyhorn, it managed to break free* from it and it charged to Kenith with its horn aimed at him. It seemed to either want to Tackle or use Horn Attack. The Pokémon might have a bad mood in the morning.
Professor Maple looked at the boy and the Froakie. "That much is obvious," she said. "You want to be a trainer? I will need some form of identification, then I can register you to the system and get a Pokédex ready for you."
Liah was up, as the coffee dripped through the coffeepot she put some bread in a toaster for her breakfast. She would check on her guests after breakfast.
OOC: * a +1 is given for the quick ball, but with that the result is 4, so it's still a fail.
"We can only be who we are, no more, no less" Kahlan Amnell (from Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind) The Rorie League - a Pokémon Trainer RP (open) Pan and Paper - a writers clan Pen and Paper - 18+ writer clan
The trainer quickly makes her way to the gym, past the other attractions of the city "should be here?" she turns a corner and looks at the gym, seeing two people talking outside it, muttering under her breath "how do I have a better sense of direction than a flying type?" she walks over "hey, gym open?" her hair is still a drenched mess since she came straight from the ocean to here
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”sure i would love to give a battle with you a try although im not sure if were ready” kira said to blake. But then noticed another female trainer which was a good thing that her swabu wasnt out she loved to mess up girls hair. Thats why she always had a hat on.
Luaran finally made it to the pokemon center. Nurse joay healed the pokemon but said it was too injured to return to the wild. So going back to the recovery pool she spent time with the pokemon soon the timid pokemon came over to her. “Ill call you Nessie” she smiled. She then returned her and went looking for someone to battle.
Soon Keniths manetric came out using an ice fang on the ryhorn as the battle begun. he was at a disadvatage bit he still had two ok moves to use. “thanks erika” he siad to her.
“I would like to do both contests and badges, im 14, i live well anywhere in the region with my pokemon, and my name is Zane“ he said showing her his id petting the frokie naming it Shinobi.
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Sarah woke up early. She stretched and got up. There wasn't much to do to prepare for the journey they would start today as she had her bag still packed. She freshed herself up and ate a little bit of fruit. While she waited for her two companions to wake up she looked up information about the area and the Onix they were going to find. It would be quite a hike but if they would have a good pace and not too many interuptions they should be able to at least reach it. Maybe she could find a Hoppip or so on the way. ---------------------------------------------------- gabe was still sleeping soundly when Kylie was awake and talking to her pokemon. He pulled the pillow over his head and ignored her talking. He was not ready to get up at all yet.
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Blake looked at the new arrival. "The gym will open in an hour, I'm heading to the store for some supplies. And maybe grab a quick breakfast at the bakery." He nodded to the girls and went on his way. It was nice to see trainers ready this early on the day, but he wasn't ready yet.
Professor Maple nodded and plucked the I.D. from Zane's hand. She added the data into the computer and registered his chosen Pokémon into the system. After that she plugged a Pokédex into the computer to register it to Zane. "All done," she said, handing him the Pokédex. "Register your starter to the Pokédex, this will finalize your registration as trainer. You can get some free Pokéballs at the Mart here in Lilan Town if you show the shopkeeper your dex. Do you have any questions?"
OOC: Sabrina723, feel free to play out the battle with the Rhyhorn as you want to. If you wish to attempt another catch I'll roll the dice for you again.
She sweatdrops "oh, alright" One of the pokeballs on her belt suddenly breaks open as if the pokemon hadn't yet been caught and a riolu pops out. "riolu rio! the trainer sighs, picking up the small pokemon and placing him on her head "yeah yeah, I'm bored too buddy" she looks after Blake before walking off, hoping to find a place to stay.
Sabrina723's AvatarSabrina723
Sabrina723's Avatar
”Hey while we wait for blake want to have a practice battle” Kira asked the girl with the riolu. She tossed up a pokeball calling out her male flechling named Hector.
“Yes I do have one quesrion do you know any way to get a trapinch?” he asked trapinch evolved into his favortie ground type. Zane wasnt sure where to go to find one.
The male ryhorn had taken some damage but now was really angry as it charges in with a headbutt. Keniths manetric took damage but then did another ice fang attack which was a crit hit. The ryhorn dropped to the ground it wasnt fainted but it was low on hp. As zane threw a heavy ball at the pokemon.
Luaren decided to travel to find some bug or flying type pokemon. But she changed her mind when she herd about a cave she went looking for where the cave might be so she and lenny went looking for it noticing a slow poke she used a net ball hoping again it would catch the pokemon since it was part water type. If it ran she would seek out someone that might know where a shiny clamperl could be found.
she grins widely "great idea! im scarlet by the way, but all my friends call me Red. so either works" the riolu jumps down from her had and gets into a fighting stance "rio!" Scarlet grins and pats his head "alright ya lil goofball, I did keep ya in the pokeball all day so you deserve to let off some steam"

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