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The Rorie League (actual RP)

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Ninja647's AvatarNinja647
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"Shao, ignore the Sweet Scent!" Euan cried Despite Euan's instruction, Shao slowly walked towards the sweet scent. Euan swore. "In that case, use Bubble" Shao snapped out of his trance like state, but did not use Bubble. He attacked using Water Pulse Euan was justifiably surprised "Water Pulse!?"

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Salenea's AvatarSalenea
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Sarah nodded when Reve spoke. "That's allright, you didn't make us wait that long. We are heading to he pokemon centre first before buying supplies." Sarah said. Saur nodded to Froakie. "Very possible. Hi there Cyndaquill. Ready to start your adventure with your trainer?" he asked. "Oh my trainer likes to call me Saur so that's my name now" he added. Sarah started walking towards to pokemon centre. Gabe saw the water pulse coming. "Eh jump...duck!...step aside!" Gabe shouted. Oddish was confused and didn't know what to do with the different command her trainer shouted and got hit by the water pulse. Oddish got thrown back a bit and got tipped over. "Use absorb!" shouted Gabe. Oddish immediatly jumped up and used abosorb on the Froakie.
Calle's AvatarCalle
Calle's Avatar
A man came into the water gym and watched the friendly battle between the two trainers. He chuckled when he heard Gabe order the set of moves. The Oddish got hit by the water pulse, but it was good to see she was able to continue fighting. As he walked towards the arena where the official gymbattle took place, he gave Gabe a pat on the shoulder. "Maybe jump, duck and step aside will work better in a contest hall, throw in a grass move, and you might have something that will impress the judges. Well, not here of course, there is no Grass Hall." He winked and continued to the arena, where he watched the battle between Rai and Alana. Alana watched as the Mus Shot shot through the air in a straight course to the Eevee, who seemed to have lost focus for a moment and wouldn't be able to avoid being hit. Andy left the lab and saw the trainers all standing together, probably debating where to go next. "Any hungry trainers are free to join me, I'm going to a hamburger place and treat myself to a delicious burger. The place doesn't have any stars though, if it concerns anyone." He chuckled, knowing very well at least one trainer that had entered the lab today cared about that.
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Gracidea's AvatarGracidea
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"We're stopping by the Pokémon Center and going to shop for supplies first, but I might join you later if Sarah's okay with it." Carrena replied, Dunno how long that's gonna take or if I'll have time to go, so don't wait for me, 'kay?" Reve just sighed and looked back at the Cyndaquil. He wanted to find a good name for the little guy soon. "Ah!" Froakie croaked, "I have a feeling that my trainer is going to name me too. I hope I get a cool nickname." "I think my trainer's gonna do the same thing. He was asking the professor earlier if I was a boy or girl and mentioned that he didn't want to give a female Cyndaquil a male name on accident" The fire type replied.
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Raichi's AvatarRaichi
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Panick crossed Eevee’s face as Rai stopped responding for a moment. The heat of battle was getting to her. The mud splattered on Eevee’s face and she was flung back. Rai finally got into the battle and yelled once again, “Use Quick Attack!”
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Gerbilfriend's AvatarGerbilfriend
Gerbilfriend's Avatar
That was a good use of mud shot, Noami mused as she watched the battle. She firgued that she should probalbly be going soon but for now was content to watch the different tactics in use.
merinqüe's Avatarmerinqüe
merinqüe's Avatar
Cassandra, getting tired of waiting for her brother stomped inside the lab. "HURRY UP! Stop watching people ordering their pokemon to fling mud at each other!" she yelled at him. "All I want is that stupid glittery piece of metal to add to my trophy collection!"
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Salenea's AvatarSalenea
Salenea's Avatar
Sarah nodded when Carrena spoke. "The pokemon come first and I would prefer to buy supplies after that." Sarah thought for a moment. "If I recall right neither are far from here so it shouldn't take too much time. After that a burger sounds great." Sarah said with a small, polite smile. She looked at the others. "The sooner we get it done the sooner we can eat, let's go." she glanced at Andy "You are free to walk with us or we'll meet you at that hamburger place." Sarah said before she started walking in the direction of the pokemon centre. Saur saw his trainer starting to walk and followed her. Gabe looked up surprised when he felt a pat on his shoulder. A grin spread on his face and he put his thumbs up. "That sounds like a plan!" Gabe turned his attention back to the friendly battle but the comment of that man made him realise that if Oddish didn't want to battle or couldn't that he still could do contests. Just not here. Gabe was really enoying this battle but the minute Noemi wanted to leave he was ready to go with her.
Calle's AvatarCalle
Calle's Avatar
Professor Maple heard a girl enter the lab, judging by the voice it was the same girl as before. Without looking at her she said: "If you want shiny trinkets, go to Mesperit City, the gym and contest hall are there. You won't find any here in the lab." "I will see you at the burger place then," Andy said. "You'll recognise it, it has a burger painted on the window. It's close to the Mart." He waved at the trainers and walked away. It was good to see the young trainers getting ready for an adventure. "Water Gun and take a dive!" Alana ordered and as the Eevee started moving, but instead of aiming at the Eevee, the Wooper aimed down and propelled himself into the air, so he could land in the water.
Salenea's AvatarSalenea
Salenea's Avatar
Sarah nodded when Andy said that he'd see them at the burger place. "See you there." she said. Sarah glanced at the others to see if they were coming too. Sarah was sure nurse Joy would have the pokemon looked after very quick and Sarah knew what she needed from the poke mart so she figured that would go pretty fast too. Gabe was enjoying the friendly battle so far.

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