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The Rorie League (actual RP)

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"Shao, ignore the Sweet Scent!" Euan cried Despite Euan's instruction, Shao slowly walked towards the sweet scent. Euan swore. "In that case, use Bubble" Shao snapped out of his trance like state, but did not use Bubble. He attacked using Water Pulse Euan was justifiably surprised "Water Pulse!?"

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Sarah nodded when Reve spoke. "That's allright, you didn't make us wait that long. We are heading to he pokemon centre first before buying supplies." Sarah said. Saur nodded to Froakie. "Very possible. Hi there Cyndaquill. Ready to start your adventure with your trainer?" he asked. "Oh my trainer likes to call me Saur so that's my name now" he added. Sarah started walking towards to pokemon centre. Gabe saw the water pulse coming. "Eh jump...duck!...step aside!" Gabe shouted. Oddish was confused and didn't know what to do with the different command her trainer shouted and got hit by the water pulse. Oddish got thrown back a bit and got tipped over. "Use absorb!" shouted Gabe. Oddish immediatly jumped up and used abosorb on the Froakie.

Pages: 123··· 165166167

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