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The Rorie League (actual RP)

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Rai thought for a minute then smiled and said, “May we use 2 Pokémon for this battle?” Remembering how she only has 2 Pokémon. Yet she was a little worried about people watching her, but she pushed that to the side and kept grinning.
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Carrena saw Sarah's glance and nodded, a huge grin on her face. She looked too excited to be perfectly honest. She then quickly released her Froakie, who glanced up at her with a somewhat confused expression as the girl registered him to her Dex. "If you girls are going to those springs, I'm gonna have to catch up later. I don't have a dex yet, so I'm just gonna wait here and get to know my new buddy first." Reve said calmly. Angel glared at the Froakie, possibly a bit jealous.
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Calle's AvatarCalle
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Alana moved some of her long hair behind her ear with a finger. "Two it is then," she said. "My first Pokémon will be Wooper." Instead of throwing a Pokéball in the air, she looked towards the side of the arena and the Wooper who stood there ran towards her, jumped up, somersaulted, dove in the water and jumped on one of the platforms, all excited and ready to go. Professor Maple looked at Reve. "Right, a Pokédex, your friend mentioned you don't have one. I'll get one for you." She went to her desk and opened a drawer with a few neatly stacked red Pokédexes, she took one out for him. "I will link it in the system, if you have an id or trainer card I can complete the registration."
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Gerbilfriend's AvatarGerbilfriend
Gerbilfriend's Avatar
Even though she had already won Noemi stayed around to watch the battle. It was always worth getting more expireince.
Salenea's AvatarSalenea
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Sarah smiled briefly to Carrena before glancing at Reve. She shrugged. "Sure." Froakie had been a good choise of Carrena in Sarah's opinion. It probably would have been better is Sarah had picked a fire or water type but she couldn't resist a Bulbasaur. All the more reasons to catch a hoppip. Sarah glanced at Cash to see if he wanted to join too, or if he was going after Cassandra or something, before looking at Carena again. "I just have to get a few supplies from a poké mart before heading off." Sarah was not going to a possible dangerous Onix with out some supplies to heal her pokemon if needed. And some food incase they would have to camp. Gabe kind of wanted to see the battle Rai was going to have but since he had already agreed to a friendly training battle so he couldn't just stop that. Only when Noemi was ready to leave he'd stop.
"I'll come with you then. Wouldn't want to leave you to buy everything, so I'll buy half, okay?" The blonde nodded. Honestly, she didn't want to be a jerk to this girl she just met. Reve quickly grabbed his card and passed it to the Professor. It was one of the trainer items he did have. If he didn't, he wouldn't have been able to challenge the gyms back in Unova.
Calle's AvatarCalle
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Alana waited patiently for her opponent to decide what Pokémon would fight against her Wooper. Professor Maple took the trainer card and registration the Pokédex for Reve. When it was done she gave him both the card and the dex. "Please register your starter, then everything is settled and you can be on your way." She turned around to look at the computer screen and started working again.
Cash awkardly scooted up toward Reve, Carrena, and Sarah. "Mind if I tag along as well? I'm out of supplies as well." he asked them. "I'm Cash, by the way." he added. "Ugh. Where is that guy." Cassandra muttereted. "He'll be done soon." she thought to herself.
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Salenea's AvatarSalenea
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Sarah smiled briefly to Carrena and nodded before looking at Cash. "I'm Sarah." she said. "You are welcome to join as far a I'm concerned." she said with a small shrug. Sarah noticed the professor turning to the computer to work so she turned and started walking out, not wanting to disturb the professor. The pokemart wasn't that far. Sarah waited outside the lab for the others to catch up. Gabe grinned in anticipation, this battle wuld be great.
Carrena, Angel, and Froakie went outside as well while Reve registered Cyndaquil to his Dex. He kinda wanted to give the little guy or girl a nickname, but he didn't know what he could name it. Angel kept glaring at Froakie, but Carrena still didn't notice. "Just so you know, I'm not gonna let away with anything suspicious Froggy." Angel growled, " I'll be watching you like a Watchog" Froakie just yawned in response, not paying attention to anything the Riolu said.

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