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The Rorie League (actual RP)

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SoaringRaven's AvatarSoaringRaven
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(Aw, does that mean no cat fight?) Fritz was glaring daggers at the taller boy and his Pokemon, but Maleck continued on obliviously. She listened to the stranger's relatively mundane words with rapt attention. He has a brother! she realized with a little sound of excitement, like a kindergartner raising their hand to answer a question. "Oh, I have a brother too!" she cut in, all but ignoring the rest of what he said. At that, Fritz's eyes settled back on Maleck with slight concern. He had known Joseff since before Maleck was born, and he knew that his trainer didn't take well to meeting strangers. He squeezed the girl's hand as a warning, but before he could drag her away, she told the stranger, "You should come meet him after we find the store!"
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Kursaal's AvatarKursaal
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(Pfft that was suprisingly funny xD ) ley turned to look at Anita as she walked away "sure go walk away ya rude sod, go bother someone else instead of this girl who dont deserve it" he called after her not really caring if she heard or not, looking at the little girl and the glaceon with a sigh as she wondered what she did wrong. Blacky had since woke up and was watching the events unfolding
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"What happened Leaf?" She ask as she realise the scene. Leaf shooks his head and climbs his trainer so he can go into the bag to get some berries. "No Leaf. The berries can be eaten if we are already arrive aRorie island." She said and puts his down. Leaf sits down and sulks. "Don't sulk like a baby." She teases to Leaf and gives him a berry. "This is the last berry for you eat right now." She said. Leaf quickly grabs the berry and eats it.
antou343326's Avatarantou343326
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Woah, this girl has the guts to come and talk to me again? And she's apologising? Actually, Anita did not really know hot to react. Nobody usually talked to her after she insulted people. Or they would insult her back, which would endup in a fight, well not a physical fight, it was more like who could come up with the most insults (mostly on style). "I bet you are, you ran away from me", she paused for a few seconds, staring at Shelia. "Well, I guess I can forgive you. You did make an effort to find me and apologise." Her face was still serious, but it was less severe. "Don't get me wrong, we won't be friend because it's al over, but let's just say I don't hate you anymore". With that she looked at the closing land. They would unboard soon and it was about time.
saltea's Avatarsaltea
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(And now, everything Shelia's pokemon said, will be in the tip code.) "Oh, we're gonna be on land soon! Probably in five more minutes" Shelia said. The island wasn't a dot anymore, but a huge expanse of land spreading in all directions. Sasha butted her head affectionately at Shelia's hand "Glaceon
Yes, and we'll start our adventures together
" Shelia smiled at her Glaceon. After all, I did ask Professor Maple to send her one month earlier to me through Pokemail "Now let me look at my map.." One clumsy move, a huge wind later, and two seconds of open mouthed silence, Shelia was staring at her map, which was already floating in the water, soaked, tattered, and half torn "Uh-oh. Sasha... now how on earth are we not gonna get lost?" Sasha facepalmed.
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Secret910's AvatarSecret910
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Linda looks at the island and said "Leaf we are almost there!". Leaf is sitting on Linda's shoulder and smiles. Linda looks at a girl who is more older than her. "Um hi?" she said to Shelia.
saltea's Avatarsaltea
saltea's Avatar
"Uh... Hi." Shelia smiled back, before staring at the water, in which her poor map was floating in it. "What should I do?" Shelia's face was full of panic. Sasha, like her owner, was also panicking, "Glaceon??"
Oh no, now what??
"Do you have an extra map?" Shelia quickly turned around, her face sparkling with hope, to look at Linda. "Cause apparently, my map is floating on the waves." Her words hung in the air before she stopped. "Wait a second, where are my manners, I'm Shelia, and this is Sasha." She shook Linda's hands, smiling broadly.
Secret910's AvatarSecret910
Secret910's Avatar
"Oh, I am Linda and this is my Snivy, Leaf." She said. "Well I don't have an extra but I can buy a new one later." She said and gives the map.
Calle's AvatarCalle
Calle's Avatar
The ferry moved closer and closer to the island, several Wingull were flying close to the ferry, seeing if there was any food to be found. A Seel popped up his head between the waves, before diving under again and a Mantine jumped out of the water and glided through the air, before it hit the water again and disappeared beneath the waves. Rhando Island was clearly visible now, and the ferry was moving right towards it. As the island grew and grew, the port became visible. As the neared the port, the ferry slowed down. Some cargo ships were docked and a small fisher boat was leaving the port as the ferry entered it. The people on board the fisher boat waved to the people of the ferry. A beeping sound came from the loudspeakers. "Good day, this is your captain speaking. In a few moment we will dock on Rhando Island. Thank you for travelling with K&R Ferries." Another beeping sound indicated the ending of the message and the speakers were silent once more. Moments later the ferry did indeed dock and the doors opened, allowing the passengers to disembark.
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saltea's Avatarsaltea
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"Oh thank you!" Shelia beamed. "Oh we're on land! Rhando island! I wonder what we can find there? Hmmm... according to the map, there are lots of forests here, maybe I can find some ground types for the gym... but I don't really want to recruit ground types... maybe ask one for a helping hand?" "Gla-gla-glaceon!
You're talking to yourself again!
" Sasha stared at Shelia with an annoyed expression "Gla-glaceon!
You know, we should already be adventuring!
" "Oh okay, nice meeting you!" Shelia smiled at Linda, looking a bit embarrassed."If you do have time, would you like to come with me down to the café at around here, and chat?" Then, she was rushed out by the crowd. "Meet you at the boat exit!" She called over her shoulder.

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