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The Rorie League (actual RP)

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The riolu braces for the impact by using iron defense, but still gets knocked back. He gets back up panting "Rio!" Scarlet looks worried for a moment before getting back into it "ya know what? Let's bring them down to our level" "Rio-lu!" the pokemon jumps up and grabs the flying type, not using any attacks but just attempting to ground the pokemon. At the last moment before touching the ground he uses the momentum and just plain smashes the smaller pokemon onto the ground.
Sabrina723's AvatarSabrina723
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“Bad idea” she smiled as the Pokémon grabbed her bird Pokémon it used peck right at the riolus face hoping to hit it for critical damage. I mean it was close range. But still managed to get smacked down. But it got back up flying fine.
Calle's AvatarCalle
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Alana was done mopping the floor when she noticed someone coming from the cave below her gym, and someone entered the gym through the front door. "Good morning," she greeted them both and she smiled to Kathrin. "It's a bit early for the tea party, that will start at 11:30, but you're more than welcome to join." She turned to Lauren. "Did you enjoy the cave? I enjoy spending time there."
Thomas promised he would be back later to check on the Swinub and turned around. He looked through the main hall of the Pokémon Center and noticed there were a few trainers already up and about, that was good to see.
"We can only be who we are, no more, no less" Kahlan Amnell (from Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind) The Rorie League - a Pokémon Trainer RP (open)
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"Yeah, I am here to join, thanks. I may look too unruly for it, but i'm really into it! I'll come back at 11:30, then. Thanks!" Kathrin walks off , feeling just Hajin would be slightly boring. Almost on cue, a bewildered Hajin had tossed a pokèball nearby. There was a Ducklett, Tropius, and Azurill nearby! The ball headed for the Ducklett, while the Tropius fled but the Azurill watched on.
Silky is my character. Don't try stealing her! I'm SnivyQueen15, a RP junkie! I can give great tips on making them! Here’s a hot new RP!
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Cash and Cassandra hopped off of the ferry and onto one of the many docks on Orinitan island. "Well, this is it. Now the contest hall iss..." he traced the map with his finger. "AHA." he pointed to a red dot marked, 'Contest'. "Let's go head there." Cassandra sighed, the ferry ride was long enough
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Sarah looked up from her notes when Thomas walked in. Her eyes darted to the Houndoom right away. She had never seen a real one before. She couldn't help overhearing the conversation between Thoman and Nurse Joy. When Thomas turned she got up. "Excuse me." Sarah spoke up. "I couldn't help overhearing you and Nurse Joy," she said as she walked up to the counter. "I heard your Swinub is lonely and without a trainer." Sarahs eye's softend a bit, thinking about the poor lonely pokemon. "I would love to help you out. I promise I know what I am doing and will take great care of her." She put her notebook down with the page open where her research about Swinub as written down. "She would fit perfectly in my team." Sarah added with a small but genuine smile and her eyes sparkling. -------------------------------------------------------------- Gabe chuckled. "Food is food, I can eat anything for breakfast even if others think it is weird." He let Kylie eat in silence for a bit before he spoke again. "So gym battle today? you ready?" Gabe hadn't really trained, nor had he really thought about which pokemon he would use. "I wanna climb the volcano too today. Think that will be so awesome. So far this is my favourite island."
Calle's AvatarCalle
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The Poké ball rolled in a shallow pit in the uneven dirt and stopped there, lying in the grass. Both the Ducklett and the Azurill walked away.
Thomas looked at the young woman in front of him. "Are you a trainer?" he asked her. "Do you perhaps have a Pokédex registered to a Pokémon professor?" While he wanted nothing more than to give the Swinub to someone who cared, and he definitely had a good feeling about her, but he wouldn't give it away without a small background check. The last thing he wanted was for the Swinub to end up with someone incapable to handle caring for a Pokémon.
Sabrina723's AvatarSabrina723
Sabrina723's Avatar
Kenith looked for someone to battle he wanted to try out his new rock Pokémon ryhorn. Who he named crash. He looked around for any people wanting to go on quest or battle.
Shinobi the young frokie ended up hopping onto a mans head. The Pokémon had landed on Thomas head. “Sorry” Zane said as his frokie hopped from the mans head to Zane’s arms. “Do you know anyone named redcliff” he asked the red head petting his new Pokémon. Then he noticed they had been talking about a Pokémon he hadn’t heard of he didn’t know many types as he was from alohlan. “Sorry if I’m interrupting I’m Zane, and this here is shinobi” he said looking at the froakie. He then noticed the female trainer and started getting shy not sure what to do.
“No I was trying to catch a slowpoke in the cave but this froakie kept hitting it away. I like to use rare or duel type water Pokémon and since that’s a good typing I was trying to catch it. Any idea what’s up with that froakie?” She asked as she pet Lenny who was in the water. The launter made a happy sound. Lauren wondered why the froakie kept doing that.
Gerbilfriend's AvatarGerbilfriend
Gerbilfriend's Avatar
Noemi tubmled out of her bunk, rubbing her eyes as she tried to figure out why she was so tired. Slowly she made her way over to breakfast, "Sorry guys", she said, trying not to slur, "what did I miss". She would do better next time.
Calle's AvatarCalle
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Thomas turned to the new trainer that approached him and he looked at the Froakie. While they could be found in the wild, it was an official starter. "Redcliff? That would be me," he answered the young man. "Can I help you with anything?"
Alana laughed softly. "Yes, the Froakie can be overprotective sometimes, especially when she feels they can't take care of themselves, like Slowpoke. And she considers everyone down in the cave a friend. But don't worry, if it's a Slowpoke you want, come this way." She opened a door, leading to a small pool. A few Slowpoke sat on the edge of the pool and a Staryu sat at the bottom. "These are wild, but they were injured during the last storm so I took care of them. You may try to battle and catch one of these Slowpoke."

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