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Entry #6

Jul. 22, 2015 This idea is crazy. And yet I have to try it. For my own curiosity and sanity. If it works, I'll dance the macarena and record myself. *shot* Nah, just kidding. But if it does work, I'll be ecstatic. I mean, the plan isn't something new, but it's very risky. More about that when the trial run is over, regardless of the result. *wishes it to succeed with all her might and cookies* In other news, the small PFQ fan area on my site is almost prepped for user customisation. After some edits and updates, users will be able to signup and use it for their own convenience. The features include generated code for threads such as trade shops, dex services, (daily) journal posts, etc. Well, it's not going to be fully automated due to official rules, but I figure copy/paste is a long way from manually fixing code. It's how I've been running my Trading Office without going crazy(/ier) for the past months. So far it's worked out splendidly. Of course, that's only if I can pull it off in my spare time... Why did professors think it such a good idea to hand out tasks for the next round of finals during the summer vacation? Since they can't be contacted 24/7 anymore, I don't know whether to laugh or cry about the arrangement. Especially because I'll be starting my student job again in August and that's when all the assignments are due. Speaking of my student job, I really can't pass up on that. I already asked for this month off due to driving lessons with my dad. I still haven't been able to pay my college tuition from last year and it needs fixing before I can enroll next year. Can't count on my parents anymore to pay it for me, and that bill is looking awfully scary. Busy pooch is busy.
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