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Single post in A Sardonic Snek's Productivity Theory

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Suríya's AvatarSuríya
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Clicky-Snek's Mass Click List of Hand-Crippling

A few comments about this list...

This list is not added to regularly. Please no messages about getting on the list. You are more than welcome to message me to suggest people to put on when there are replacements needed, but otherwise the list will remain the way it is. Thank you. You may occasionally notice that the people's numbers are not up to date -- this is because this guide is mostly for myself and I don't always feel the need to update it. If you want to check through people and suggest new tiers for them please feel free to PM me. I know people complain that the fields aren't 'neat' in their eyes -- that's fine, and your opinion, but this wasn't a list created on public opinion, it was created to list for myself those whom I like to click. :)
  • Last Updated: June 3, 2020 - Wednesday
Please note...
  • Since the addition of the Field Stacking CSS Code, the quality of fields matters less than the number of pokemon available. Though I doubt I will update this any time soon, it will be tracking number over quality from this point forward. -- September 19, 2018

Tier 1

2OOO-35OO Pokemon Some fields may have less than 2000 but are included due to ease of clicking.
Methos Sporkobug Forbidden Garthic Maki Kelsium Sephraem krookodilehunter Spiker125 Thurdoyol Wintersun KikiTheCat 0010-1010 foxjpeg littlebird Acephala Hyper Beam Garney SpiritSavvy Berkanna MochaFox Wizarmon Xenderphantom Yatzy

Tier 2

35OO-4OOO Pokemon
Absol Meik KaraKara Minjoo Dog Keira Lorelei nerdofnerds UndyneTheUndying Oxy Caramel-Lyth EnchantedForest Kyrie CelticGirl Samgam DSSOfficial pan.yoshi Grimmew Juice NovaDerp shimask8ers Slimemold Strangedoll xxEcho Li Rai

Tier 3

4OOO-45OO Pokemon
Mekkor Shiro Killjoy MissLiska Theta AI Tigra Acwarium SilverGible Iocane MattyMohawk Sable Dust Wolf DarkDragonfly Rbay Sephrorii Sheba05 Shazi Ruhler Wosprig Iveechan 1ADDBaby MarinoKadame Bobpaw Kirra

Tier 4

45OO-6OOO Pokemon
Krambambuli Mail Jeevas Touka Lorentius Neikea Fyrebright rolytic Kannameyria Zan ErrahM Mwc DarkNova181 Muffinnz Wetned TheDankerSide Discowing Earthsong Uzumi Kamilejszon Moriiarty The Falling Blue Sandslash666 Kells Texasaswang

Tier 5

61OO+ Pokemon
Persona_Gear Benihime HybridYuki Suriya Psychotria RedCydranth Majamomse kaiforest BananaLizard Psychøkin Sei Hakunamatatayolo Ledah Chaoman12345 LunaOokami Kannameyria ShadowWolf7 QuillDrill SkylarZ Nudge SpikeyMouth Sunshine22 Soleste Rolytic

Tier 6

8OOO+ Pokemon
Lirissea Meu Eltafez Beemo tape Tyrani-Kase Caitlyn1999 TechmasterSM4000 Temporal Scorpyia bubby Annador
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Template not free to use, for Suriya's use only; made by BananaLizard and edited by Suriya. Art done by Bananalizard.
Current Hunt: Melan Togepi Line Chain Length: 2185 -- Shinies Hatched: 39
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