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Off-site Tools

Sharing the tools I made for PFQ.


This has been a thing for PFQWiki's firsts page for quite some time now. It's an overview of what firsts have been found. It's not 100% reliable as it depends on user-submitted data (aka you, the people), but I figured this is the best I can do. After all, I'm not Niet and don't have access to PFQ's database itself.

[Calculator for egg hatching and more]

I got lazy when it came to counting down my items for gems and clicks for eggs. So I made a thing that would do it all for me. |D While I had fun with this, I don't think my brain has ever been so exhausted as when I added all those Type recommendations. I don't have direct access to Sally's database, so I had to add the necessary data by hand (well, mostly, anyway). If you see incorrect information, please PM me with said error.

[Dex Post Generator]

Not in the mood for a lot of (frustrated) coding? Then maybe this is a solution for you! I like to think it's straight-forward, but if you have a hard time understanding what something does, please PM me and perhaps I can reword things better.

[My Collection]

This is something I made for personal use at first, then saw how many people struggled with the same thing. This lets you make an overview for yourself of what shinies, albinos and/or melans you own. It can also be used in conjunction with the Dex Post Generator.
And that's it for now. If you have something in mind that you'd like to see done, feel free to PM me with ideas. I'm always up for some challenges. However, I will not make a shiny chance calculator due to my being privy of the details as a member of staff.
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