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Bruh~ Pokemon Codes

I had no where else to actually put this, and I'm not completely looking for anything in exchange for them- as much as I wouldn't mind getting something QAQ but hey these were freely given out to fans, so why not continue that? but anyway, what I wanted to put up Sometimes, I tend to get a few game codes for either the Main Pokemon games or for the TCG:Online(rarely.) N With that "sometimes" I tend to be given/get more of said codes then I should. I happen to have a few nice friends who give me/let me get additional codes so I can give them out to those who can't go to their local game store. An since I don't have many friends IRL who play the main games or the TCG, even though the ones who I do know get a code 1st, I wanna share the rest with you guys so that they're not wasted. To whom ever happens to browse my Journal c': Which would be hardly. I don't post too often but I do update. Anyway. This will be updated often til I have none at said moment.
Guys, Please be aware that I tend to update my posts that are already known, with said notification on my Trainer card, on my page. Here are what I have, right now. they'll be listed here, along with a number of how many I have left.

My rules

This is just a small thing that I hope whoever happens to want said codes understand and follow. I'm sharing with you guys and I don't wanna be forced to not do this. So please be Truthful with me

Rules: Please take time to read, Thank you.

Each type of codes available are limited If I happen to get a large amount of cards, Arceus forbid, I Might consider giving out up to 2 codes of said Pokemon but will always suggest asking for 1 so that other players can obtain a Code Pokemon too! This will also include TCG cards if I so get more then I typically do n don't use them/ have all available cards on the TCG:O. Usually though, I'll have codes being 1 per user.If interested, DO NOT message here! Please continue what the 1st post says and PM, please! I know I'm giving stuff out and you guys would need to comment to let me know but I would rather you guys send me a PM instead. Title it "PKMN codes" Those who don't know how to PM: hover to see explaination
• Go to User's page • Find the Mail card on User's About Me's bar. the 3 lil lines on the far right of the bar should have a option there to Message users • Send a PM Titled "PKMN Codes" and explain there. • Please be Polite!
I'll be sending you said code in PM after you tell me what you wish. Please PM me back at you have used said code This is where I need you guys to help me. So I know that the codes have been used, I'll void them and toss them away, and update this post with the new numbers. Also, please let me know if the codes are incorrect, there have been times I type them out wrong. thanks guys! <3

Code Card List Rules (About Me)

To those who have extra code cards an wish to give them out to users an wish to have an extra hand in advertising it. I'll be more then happy to have you listed with me for distributing Code Cards to others on site! 1: Must be code cards for the games. List the Pokemon, Card's Region, and amount of cards please. Why I ask for Region is because Code cards are region locked EX: N.America cards won't work on Europe 3DSs. 2: Please Let me know when sending me a PM that you're Ok with being listed in my about me and are ok with users PMing and asking for said Code Cards. 3: If you so Agree, Please stay up to date with me. Let me know when cards have been used, you've gotten more or that you have no more 4: At any time you may PM me to remove you and I'll do just that <3 -- For Users seeking Code cards -- Please be polite when PMing anyone from the list above. They've been generous enough to collect extra code cards for users on the site and willing to be known an accept PMs. if they have mulitple Cards, ask if they do 1 per user or not. Thank you!
Code Cards I have: With a bit of info All Code Cards I have listed will be shown in the following Accordions. 1st list will show all valid codes and how many I still have along with the info on the card. The 2nd accordion has all previous codes I had that are, as of late, Invalid.

Pokemon Code Cards still Available

Year of Legendary Pokemon _____________________________________________ PKMN TCG:Online:

Codes Invalid and/or unavailable

Battle Ready Dragonite!

Get Battle Ready Dragonite! Available Codes: 2 Available on: ORAS When Card(s) Expire: Oct.12,2015 Dragonite: lvl55 Ability: Multiscale Item: Lum Berry Moves: Dragon Dance; Outrage; Hurricane; Extreme Speed

February: Mythical Legendary Mew #151

Mythical Pokemon: Mew #151 Available codes: 0 Available on: X/Y and ORAS Limit: 1 per user When Card(s) Expire: May 31,2016 Mew: lvl 100 Ability: Synchromize Item: N/A Moves: Pound Note: Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon by obtaining the very same Mew Event that was available when Pokemon Red and Blue were the big games at the time!

Mythical Legendary Darkrai

Mythical Pokemon: Darkrai #491 Available codes: 0 Available on: X/Y and ORAS Limit: up to 2 per user for 2 games When Card(s) Expire: August 31,2016 Darkrai: lvl 100 Ability: Bad Dreams Item: Enigma Berry Moves: Dark Void, Ominous Wind, Nightmare, Feint Attack Note: Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon by obtaining Darkrai, The Pitch Black Pokemon!

TCG: Season League: Greninja

PKMN TCG:Online:Season League 8: Greninja Available codes: 7 When Card(s) Expire: N/A Code gives: Bisharp card set + Season League 8's Promo card

Year of Mythical: Arceus

Mythical Pokemon: Arcues #493 Available codes: 6 Available on: X/Y and ORAS Limit: 1 per user When Card(s) Expire: November 30,2016
Alrighty That's it for now~
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