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Single post in Mass-Click Weekend 9

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QUOTE originally posted by La Vie En Rose

I just saw one in someone's party, adorable! Please tell me the mega shiny and albino also have sprites!! Still pretty miffed that Albino Mega Sharpedo and Mega Audino don't have Albino sprites.
Yes, M.Furret does have its Albino and Melanistic Sprites. It honestly was reason behind the small delay for them. But yes, it does have all 4 versions. But you'll have to find someone who already mega evolved them ;3 Also, be patient, please. All of the other Albino/Melans are still being done. it takes time. Take a muffin and chill <3

QUOTE originally posted by Dogzcatzhappy

Yesssss, Mega Furret! but was the Mega Stone Blue and Brown? Or is it just me because Furret isn't blue.
Furret's Mega Stone has a blueish coloring because Mega Furret is a Normal/Dragon type. Mega Stones could also implement what type the Pokemon will be. The whole stone itself was also designed to fool you guys as to what Pokemon it was, anyway, while still keeping to the fact that what Pokemon it is. Look at the surprise! Besides, even if the stone was shown at the start, I'm pretty sure the same amount of people would be shouting for Arcanine or any Eeveelution still. A lot of users have made guesses that were way out there before. The blueish color was picked to go by Mega Furret's 2nd type, Dragon. The Dark grey/Black was picked because of Mega Furret's black Stripes. The Pink was picked because of Furret's shiny. ------ I'm, again, so glad you guys are loving the new Mega! <3
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