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Trying to get back into the swing of role-playing after 5 years of writer's and/or creative block. It doesn't help that I'm a fulltime college student and juggling with a lot of projects, but I really want to get started again. I miss RPing a lot.


I'm a Semi-Literate RPer. I can write with proper grammar and punctuation, but English isn't my native language. I also have trouble with character development, so I can be sluggish. Considering I have to take it slow due to real life, anyway, my posts will consist of minimum two paragraphs. They can stretch to three or four if my muse decides to appear.



Name: Nathan Driscoll Age: 27 Real Age: 2,032 Date of Birth: Sometime before Samhain, 17 BC Species: Shape-shifter Appearance: Gradients of dirty blonde to platinum-bleached spikes tumble down before heavy brows atop cloudy gray eyes. A straight nose belies the number of times it had been broken. Lips are often tightened into a severe line, hiding healthy denture and making his square jaw look intimidating. Standing at 5'11" with 157 pounds of lean-muscled light skin, he was trained to hunt. His everyday wardrobe consists of unlabelled faded jeans, a baggy polo shirt and a pair of hiking shoes. A thin silver chain with an ivory claw hangs loosely around his neck, hidden away from one's view. Bio: ...Too tired to write this now. Will continue later.


Name: Vesna Griffin Age: 25 Real Age: Undisclosed Date of Birth: Oct. 8th Species: Human; Werewolf (depending on RP) Appearance: Mediterranean complexion. Relatively thin lips and sharp eyebrows make her look intimidating, but are countered by her gold brown eyes. Heavy maroon ringlets make her surrender the hair straightener, and cover a tattoo right below the nape of her neck. She's 5'2 tall and weighs 110 pounds. Usually wears denim pants and a pale-colored top. Each ear is adorned by a large and small stud. Bio: To be written out.
Vesna grew up in an elite household of two children and a single parent. Their father was mostly away on business, thus both siblings were raised by nursemaids and tutors. As they became older, they were allowed to ride through, and inspect, their father's estates. On such a trip, something spooked Vesna's horse so badly that it sprained one of its ankles, leaving rider and beast stranded far from the manor. To be continued later.
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