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Elta's 'Lil Tips

Some random small things that help in my frantic PFQ routine. Most of them sadly apply to non-mobile devices only.
  • Fields #1: Field names Start a field name with an unused letter. This makes it faster to jump fields by using the dropdown list when eg. putting Pokémon from your party to your fields. Type the first letter and the selection will jump to the first field that begins with that letter. This small trick can also be used in the DayCare, Dojo... pretty much everywhere that has a dropdown.
  • Party #1: Ready to hatch Running out of time, but you want to hatch your party anyway? Press F5 as soon as you see the background darkening after pressing the hatch button and repeat! Not recommended when there is lag on the site though - it will have the opposite effect and slow you down more than usual.
More to come as I remember or find them!
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