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Hello everyone. Welcome to my Journal! Finally got around to rewriting out my Journal. May take awhile to actually get it going!

Please: Don't post here. Thank you

Mainly going to show things I've worked on and things that I like, notes and other things. Hopefully when I remember to. qwq !st though, how about things with me and Novan, Ye?

About ME

Preferred Name: I'd rathr be Novan: or Novie DoB: 10/6 Age: 23 Gender: Female *
Just to make sure. I've been mistaken and have been called a male on various occasions
Zodiac(s): Dog*
Yang; Wood
, Libra*
I'm a scale :P
Hobbies: Drawing, sculpting, painting, playing video games Hello Hello! I'm Novan-chan, though I also go by Novie, Nov' and Noviechu. T'm the very same Novan-chan that was found on the original Pokefarm. I joined PF1 back in late July 2010-ish. I wasn't a very social user back then, often keeping to myself and doing party clicks to other users. Though, While I wasn't very social, I had always dreamed to be apart of the Site's Graphic's Team. In hopes to give back to the site that had helped with the despression issues I had. I loved the site so much. After around the 1st update about PF@ being announced, I had dropped from PF1 due to internet issues, as well as IRL Problems being more an more troublesome, etc. Years later, around mid 2014, I still had been through a roller coaster of IRL issues and depression. A lot involving with the lost of very close family. Though, of all the downs, I had some ups: I gifted various things that allowed me to draw digitally. One day I decided to check my email, which I found a message involving Pokefarm and the "Pokegold" Promotion. Seeing it was POkefarm, memories flooded from my time an excitement when I played PF1. I quickly signed up for PFQ, under the very name back on the original site. Novan-chan c: Months later, an event came up that had really caught my interests, called the Super Spook Specials, which was one of the Halloween contests played during 2014. I was really hyped about the contest and was really hyped when I saw there drawing portion of it. Though, truth be told, I didn't think I would have as a good an entry as many of the other users who entered and didn't think I would've gotten so far, as I was still new to drawing Digitally. I entered with this as my entry for the Drawing Portion of the event. About a month in after the event endded, When the Event was going through its votings, I had an amazing PM from the bwarftastic Sei, who announced to me that I was heading to the 2nd round of the voting process(and ultimately gave me my prizes) and offered me the chance of my dreams to be apart of the Graphics Team. Finally! I took on what was asked of me for "Sei's Trail": of 5 options, I did two of them. I made a fusion of Dragonair, Chandelure, Houndoom, and Hydreigon (which was teh 1st sprite fusion I ever made) and a art piece of Staff, Sei and Garth. Drawing both a Cartoony and realistic versions of their Pokesonas. So much was wrong but I was proud of it back then hahaha And ever since then, I've been apart of Artstaff. Begining of 2017, I've been promoted to Art Manager and given SuperMod rank. I've never been happier.
I've graduated High School back in 2014, bit later then the rest but I graduated. Wasn't the best of students but I tried my best. I've been drawing since I honestly can't remember. I've practically everyday, if not a doodle, I fully draw. Since 2013, I've been learning how to Digitally Draw form the more Traditional drawing. Sometimes I can be a bit critical with my artwork, not being too proud of it til I do enough til I deem it such. I'm always drawing. My mind is always on a roll an the moment I think of something, it has to be drawn. So PS is typically on when I'm online. I have a bit of a sleeping issue as I'm always in the mood to draw. When I'm speaking with anyone, be on call or in chat, I'm known to be drawing or spriting. Speaking of food, I love food. Sometimes, I don't tend to be very picky about what I eat, unless its spicy food *
I can't handle Spicy food for the Life of me
, so long as it tastes good to me. My favorite foods mainly consist of seafood, Japanese dishes and Cuban dishes. I love Sushi and crabmeat. I also love Crab Ragoon. I love this red bean and pumpkin stew my mum makes- its so yummy! I also REALLY love steak. I love burgers but I LOVE STEAK. I also like Ketchup. No its not just because I'm a Pikachu. I just REALLY Happen to like Ketchup. I'm a huge animal lover and the loving owner of 2 very sweet pets, Ziva(Dachshund/Jack Russle mix) and Jazz(seemingly Khao Manee cat) and take care of several stray cats in my area. Ever since I was little, I have loved animals. Dogs especially. I've always gotten really happy an giggly when seeing animals. If I could, I would literally bring any animal from the street an care for em. Though with what I do now, I simply take care of teh strays appear at my complex til we are able to find them homes or get them to a shelter. I've owned several pets before in my family. All of whom have been loving family themselves. I used to care for this gorgeous and sweet Tom, named Tiger, who was abandoned by a neightbor of mine. He has long since passed. I currently care for about 4-5 strays, one of which is super sweet, gorgeous and an all round gentlecat. he goes by Mr.Whiskers. He, like the otehr cats, have been adandoned but Mr.Whiskers is the most friendly, Social an sweet of the bunch. Much like Tiger was qwq I greet him everyday for pets an fill his bowl that he shares with the other cats

Novan:Trainer version

This Section will hold information about Novan as a Pokemon Trainer. This is 'Verse with Novan as a human. I'll try to explain about Novan's trainer experience and note the Pokemon teams she*
I, technically. you get the drift
used against the Pokemon Leagues within each Region. Info isn't currently Available.

Novan:Pokemon version

This section will hold information about Novan as a Pokemon. This 'verse will consist a bit of info of PMD an simple info of Pikachu!Novan. Info isn't currently Available.
Art By Novan Code by Shazi
Novan-Chan and all forms of her belong to me Art for the Avatar of Novan is made by me for my use only!
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