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QUOTE originally posted by JUSTICEBEETLE

QUOTE originally posted by Mudpaw

I'm currently working on a steel living melan dex c: Link to my journal post if anyone would like to see my current progress ^^ Steel types are my favorite because as I've gotten older I've learned to appreciate defensive mons/types a lot more, and while I can completely understand why a lot of people (younger me included lol) like the flashier high damage types, I decided I'd dedicate my time to honoring some of the walls of the pokemon world. c:
omg i love steel types!! This is so cool lol, we are both going to be in genesect hell at some point...
I am very intimidated by the future genesect hunt lol (And of how many scary legends/UBs I have on my list lmao) but at least it gives me a long term goal ^^ Also I forgot to mention that seeing your melan bug collection inspired me to start going for my steel one, so thank you! c:
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Wanna see my Steel Melan Living Dex Progress? Click Here!
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