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Snowy Fox's AvatarSnowy Fox
Snowy Fox's Avatar
hmmm.... I believe he was in the goldenrod tunnel, harassing a diancie..... I believe her name was mab....... I think he fled after mab finished him off...... She then lets out a primal growl. I wish I could have gotten more damage onto him! He had no right to be so rude! She then smiles when she hears baltasars tone. Flutter knows that tone very well, and it made flutter feel quite happy hearing it, but she has no intent of trying to exploit it,flutter knows better than that. do be sure to give him a little..... house warming gift, if you catch my drift, ok?
pfp credit goes to cryst! And any custom pmd sprites credit goes Here! those whose memories fade seek to carve them into their hearts..... all dreams are but another reality..... Never forget..... Never forget these words......
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