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QUOTE originally posted by Snowy Fox

oooh..... I can feel the pain now..... Defense isnt my best stat, and that stupid electabuzz took advantage of it..... She sounds quite angry at herself..... She knew she should have stayed behind cover and attacked from cover, but no, she just had to rush in and get herself hurt......
Honestly, he was starting to grow even more worried especially given that Flutter was one of the best grunts under the Chosokabe family. Thankfully, getting to the medical bay was quick so he didn't have to worry too much about watching over her. After all, the medics of the family sure are something! That's where he had a brilliant idea. "You said it was an Electabuzz that attacked you, right?" Baltasar chimed in a bit while one of the medics were tending to the other mon's injuries. "Where did you last see that Pokemon?" He asked, tone sickengly sweet. If there's one other thing that Baltasar is known for.. .. Is that he was cruel with his slices.

QUOTE originally posted by Lysium

Malone amused himself by wandering into the main entrance of the casino. A Granbull who had hit the jackpot walked past, grinning at her luck. He knocked into her... "Oops! Sorry, madame!" And used his Pickpocket ability to snaffle a single coin. He snorted as He tried not to giggle too loudly.
Sota yawned loudly. They were slumped on their seat, watching a grunt bowing to them repeatedly and begging for forgiveness. Sota could barely remember what exaggerated offense he had brought the grunt in for - bringing them the wrong snack order, probably. "Oh, this is pathetic. Those Shinjo goons are making us look like a joke, aren't they?" Sota lazily lifts their massive body and goes to pat the grunt on the head, leaving them confused and more than a little terrified. "You know, if - hypothetically - if I was in charge, none of this would be happening. Such a shame. Well, we must put our faith in our leader, hmm? Run along." Sota doesn't watch as the grunt runs out.
"Hm.." A larger-than-normal Garchomp caught a glimpse on the Morgrem snatching a coin from the Granbull who just won the jackpot. "Tsk.." The dragon huffed. While it wasn't in his place to meddle, especially when that other guy just stole one measly coin. On the other hand, it wasn't in his nature to set that aside. Turning around, he started casually walking amongst the crowd as he looked around for the fairy mon. Surely with how tall he was, he'd be able to see a blob of pink or something. He tried sliding around who were playing the slot machines, with as much Excuse me's and apologies to the others. And then, he spotted the Morgrem! Thank God! The Garchomp then gradually passed by the smaller Pokemon, accidentally bumping into him in the process. "Oop, sorry, sir." He apologetically bowed a bit, his voice sounded monotonous yet.. Oddly intimidating if one didn't know who he actually is.

QUOTE originally posted by AvaTheAxolotl

Abyss followed Kosei, attempting to be intimidating to the other Pokemon around her, only to get some "Aww"s in return. The amount of Pokemon were getting less and less the further they went, as you needed more money to win a bigger amount. However, she did notice a Morgrem snag a coin from another Pokemon, a Granbull. She nudged the Turtonator and pointed to scene out. "Should we deal with that?" She asked him.
"Hm? Kosei glanced at Abyss then at the Morgrem. Ah, a familiar face. Wasn't thay Malone? The guy who he kept teasing by calling the fairy mon Post Malone! He was about to say something to Abyss when he noticed a Garchomp slipping into the ground, probably to catch up to the grunt. "Nah, ignore 'im. Ain't our problem no more." The Turtonator smirked, now turning to the narrow pathway, leading to a velvet red door. "This is where were meetin' 'em. Y'ready?"

QUOTE originally posted by ShootingStarRain

Liela wondered hmm. "Perhaps I can get Malone to go on the assignment with me...?" she asked. "I see. Kimioto family. We have to secure a trade with them, and we have to convince them to join the alliance. Anyway way possible, or is it volunteerily...?"
"Do whatever method feels like is the most efficient for you. I trust that you can get the job done smoothly, I'm sure you can figure this out for yourself, no?" Kasai nodded. While he did have the utmost faith in Liela to do a good job, part of him was really because he preferred not to have his grunts or lieutenants rely on him so heavily. Last time he did this which was many years ago, grunts were following him like baby chicks. It was annoying. So when the time came where he once attacked and out of commission for the entire month, everyone under Odasawara family was scrambling on what to do and who's orders do they follow for the moment. 'Idiots...' Kasai mentally sighed at that one memory resurfacing. In the end, he ended up trying to help them by force, by making them figure out things for themselves.
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