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I know I've only just gotten past 2000 hatches in this chain which is pretty small for a melan hunt but I've also gotten most of my melans way before this point haha. I wanna switch hunts before the type race starts! but it doesn't look like luck is in my favour this time around. Although -- it's been 200 eggs since my last shiny, and 400 since my last albino, and I actually have an ubercharm going for once! so I think I've managed to trick myself into thinking that this drought is a sign that I'm gonna get a melan soon! It's happened before! (copium lol) Usually complaining/talking about it helps align the universe energy so here's hoping this ramble is that extra boost I need haha
Post Script: I tried to post this here on the 9th, but right as I was hitting post, my internet completely died! It only came back last night, so here I am again, hoping that won't happen again (or else this hunt truly IS cursed...) 3 day update, I'm now at almost 2.5k hatches and while I've gotten a couple more shinies, I still haven't hatched another albino! That makes 600 eggs since my last one, YIKES Please, melan trash bag! Please show up!
Wow, sure, thanks. I get an albino the literal next party after I post this :/
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