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Single post in Yveltal, the Battle (As One Experiment)

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ArceusLord's AvatarArceusLord
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I face Yveltal with my Iron Valiant, Empoleon, Caela my Rayquaza, my Swampert, my Aegislash - Shield Forme, and my Blaziken. All of which very powerful. Yveltal swooped down low, deciding Foul Play would take a toll on my Empoleon, Neptune. But she struck right back with Avalanche. Then, it decides it'd had enough of them, so it uses Oblivion Wing on my Blaziken. Frozen. Petrified. Ever in stone. And somehow, knowing it had won, it strrikes one final blow at my Aegislash, Taunt, and then flies off. I pray to Arceus, to Xerneas, to bring back my Blaziken. "No... Please... Blaze, come back..." my hand trails down the stone. After many tears and wishing and praying, eight bright, rainbow horns caught my attention. Xerneas, great life-giver, counterpart of Yveltal. It seemed to look at me, then at the Blaziken... its horns shone in seven colours... and then life came back to him. I thank it, so many times, but it had pranced away, never to be seen again. I created a small altar to Xerneas, later in life, in the seven colours of its blessed horns, and made it into an altar of life, and placed healing herbs under it, the fragrance wafting around it.
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