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Lysium's AvatarLysium
Lysium's Avatar
Malone amused himself by wandering into the main entrance of the casino. A Granbull who had hit the jackpot walked past, grinning at her luck. He knocked into her... "Oops! Sorry, madame!" And used his Pickpocket ability to snaffle a single coin. He snorted as He tried not to giggle too loudly.
Sota yawned loudly. They were slumped on their seat, watching a grunt bowing to them repeatedly and begging for forgiveness. Sota could barely remember what exaggerated offense he had brought the grunt in for - bringing them the wrong snack order, probably. "Oh, this is pathetic. Those Shinjo goons are making us look like a joke, aren't they?" Sota lazily lifts their massive body and goes to pat the grunt on the head, leaving them confused and more than a little terrified. "You know, if - hypothetically - if I was in charge, none of this would be happening. Such a shame. Well, we must put our faith in our leader, hmm? Run along." Sota doesn't watch as the grunt runs out.
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