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QUOTE originally posted by ShootingStarRain

A short, black cat walked in. She was bouncing all over the place and had eerie red eyes. She eagarly tackled a machine of some kind before asking: What are some of the most useless Pokemon in existence?
(note: sorry for the absence, haven't been on the sight too much) Hello! Useless pokemon, quite the contested topic. It really comes down to what you think is useless. Battle-wise, i'd put shuckle near the top. Coming in with some of the lowest speed and damages of almost any pokemon, shuckle often finds itself on fringe joke teams every once in a while. However, most pokemon have some use. For example, shuckle can possibly excel as a pokemon if played right. Trick room swaps the order in which speed goes, allowing shuckle to outspeed almost every pokemon we know of, and it's ability Contrary allows it to benefit from stat downs or stat downs on itself. In short, all pokemon have a use somehow, but i'd say shuckle is far down the list of great pokemon. Thank you for asking. and remember, love yourself, love the people around you, and love your pokemon. -Professor Redwood

QUOTE originally posted by Applebeecupcake

A trainer enters the lab and looks around, seems like there's other.. People? Being? No matter. She looks at the Professor in his eyes and said. You seem... Familiar.. Eh, whatever. I am here to ask you a question. Sync stones. Are those Pasio exclusive? And how does it really work? I'm looking forward to getting one myself but.. I'm not interested in visiting the region, Pasio, itself.
Nice to meet you, if we haven't met. Now, Sync stones... i'm not the most knowledgable on the Pasio region, but I do know some about the region, aside from my other contacts. Sync stones are special gems found around the many seabed areas of the Pasio region, and seem to be a region-exclusive phenomena, similar to the Dynamaxing phenomena of pokemon found in the Galar region. Sync stones seem to have a similar energy read to that of Key Stones or Z-Crystals, and can be used for multiple uses aside from just Sync moves, special moves between trainer and pokemon that coordinate both to allow a deadly attack in battles. It has been shown that trainers from specific regions can activate abilities native to their regions without the use of those specific crystals, such as Alolan trainers being able to use Z-moves whilst in the region of Pasio. Sync stones are quite the puzzling thing, eh? well, I hope that does sum what you've been asking up. I'm not as knowledgable with that region, as i've only visited a few of this world's great places, but I do hope that I gave the correct information. Thank you for asking. and remember, love yourself, love the people around you, and love your pokemon. -Professor Redwood *Staff edit: posts merged
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