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Dachsbuns's AvatarDachsbuns
Dachsbuns's Avatar
oh, i can actually ramble a little about this one!! so, for me, i like gentle, jolly, brave, and modest! now i dont HOARD only those natures, but i do everstone pairs to try and aim for those natures for specific hunts, or pokemon! the reasoning for this, i like to imagine the pokemon WITH those personalities/natures! for example, if i hatch a gentle miltank, ill see her as a caring pokemon who likes to take care of others. while as for a brave pokemon, they'd be protecting in a totally different fashion! bold, daring, and ready to help! ...and it sort of just goes on from there! i like to think some people think like i do, where they give their specials/pokemon in general more personality based off of it, but there's also just the "collecting them all" mindset! it works similarly with pokemon types, genders, pairs, anything! so, all in all, there's a lot of reasons! :D
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