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Shiny rates. Hatching Popplio alone with no bonuses except chain I already have 2 shiny ones with less than a 200 chain. Then with my Hisuian Zorua chain of 544 I have only gotten 1 shiny with no bonuses other than chain. Also kinda weird how much a shiny charm was able to influence my 710 Oshawott chain with 10 SHINIES. I feel at this point if I grab an Ubercharm I will have a melan in the next 200 mons or something and it makes me feel angry since it would take days to grind for 1 Ubercharm from the market, and even then you can't recharge those like Shiny Charms. TLDR Shiny odds seem to favor different people at different times, and yes this seems like a big dose of copium on my part.
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