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QUOTE originally posted by ShootingStarRain

QUOTE originally posted by Yinny

I have been trying to hatch a shiny Spiritomb for days now even with a 225 pokemon chain I still didn't hatch it and it's driving me crazy XD
Good luck - I had to hatch over 500 eggs for my first shiny, which was Eevee, and 300 for Vulpix. Ugh. Hunting without Hypermode sucks. I want Sei day. Max suri is kinda useless.
If it helps, we both had painful first hunts then, and mine was Eevee too. I hatched my first at 333 eggs, and then the second at egg 547. Eevee hunts are just cursed I guess. And yeah, Sei would have been nice, though I'm personally saltier over Elta being boosted because if I knew that'd happen I would have waited with buying another Matchup Checker to use as an improvised Heart Pendant (PMD item, for those who don't know) for a character representation.
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