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QUOTE originally posted by impish.sei

I will point out that staff has said that they use the HOME sprites for colour decisions, since they aren't impacted by lighting. So there we can actually see that flutter mane is actually a bit darker than misdreavus
Honestly, looking at both those and the texture files themselves, the first being flutter mane, and the second being misdreavus, I still can't see flutter mane as being darker.
It may just be that I inherently view olive tones as darker. But it's still definitely not as dark as the sprite here is! The sprite seems to take more of the olive coloring of misdreavus.

QUOTE originally posted by Shirarisun

just a head's up- iirc shazi said in the discord that they are planning to do revamps of pokemon that got paradoxes, i think for consistency, so it's likely misdreavus itself will get an update. there will be an announcement before that happens
Ah, I do think I remember hearing that, but I hope albino misdreavus doesn't change too much, I'd be extremely disappointed if it was changed to be in line with flutter mane's color. :( It's gorgeous the way it is. I'd much prefer flutter mane just be changed to fit albino misdreavus.
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