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I liked the old noibat albino, but I think the new one is neat as well! Though I think it would be cute if there were still some hints of pink! Of course, that wouldn't match up with the shiny and original, so I understand why it wouldn't be that way. I think it just looks so good on the noivern that I'm loving the idea of it on the noibat as well. I do think it's a shame that the melans are a bit darker now, though. It actually makes it harder for me to see the details, which is unfortunate. But I actually wanted to comment on a less recent sprite: Albino Flutter Mane. It is unreasonably darker than albino misdreavus, which is a shame, because albino misdreavus is gorgeous! I personally am just not a fan of that shade of pink in general, but also, it just isn't accurate to misdreavus/flutter mane in general. The shiny actually has the same problem. For instance, here are the normal sprites: Normal Fluttermane is actually very similar to misdreavus, even slightly more saturated! And when it comes to in-game:
Flutter mane is actually lighter than misdreavus. If anything, it seems like the colors on the shiny sprites here should be switched. Idk it's just a shame, because I really like albino misdreavus and was super excited to get flutter mane, but the color is just so different and not in line with the canon color difference between the two. :(
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