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I like the new sprites for the kalos 'mons, but the reason I was hunting for a shiny noibat was because it was kind of pink-ish, and now it's got blue undertones ^^" The new albino noibat colors pair very well with each other, and I love how the normal form has a better contrast between colors like the head and the ears, but in my opinion it feels like quite a few albino forms go the blue-ish undertones route, and personally I feel like sometimes a pink color would be more fitting. ^.^ A few Pokémon that have switched from a warm palette to a cold palette (when in my personal opinion I think the warm palette was more fitting) that I can think of are:
  • Noibat
  • Pidove
  • Woobat
  • Bunnelby
Is there a reason for them changing to cool undertones? I really like how some albinos use blues or greens, and I don't think the new noibat recolors are bad at all!! I just preferred the pink, and specifically hunted it for that reason because my girlfriend likes the color pink and bats ^^" I really like Albino Zangoose, Typhlosion, meganium, Talonflame, Samurott, and the entire elemental monkey lines. I think Simisage/Simisear/Simipour's albinos are very smart!!! The color swaps are soooo cute :] My post isn't about anything important like a pixel art or contrast/color blind issue, just my personal input on the color palette swaps!!

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