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Non-PFQ complaint because the OP mentions complaining about life is okay too. Spoilered for being a sensitive ish topic.

Sensitive maybe, mental health stuff

I've hallucinated like three times this year and two of them will not stop bothering me: the first (happened near the start of the year, on the way home I saw someone but they disappeared when I was distracted for at most 5 seconds, in that time they couldn't have gotten somewhere out of my view unless they picked up their pace a ton, so my conclusion is that they never existed at all) and the most recent one (a bit over a week ago I heard someone at 2AM, with no indication of my door opening, no footsteps, nothing, and I today realized their voice reminds me slightly of an old classmate). I'm not sure if it's my mental health being just extremely bad, or just me being sleep deprived, but I don't remember a single thing like this in any past years of my life so it bothers me a lot.
And for a more lightheartedish PFQ complaint: Why is my RNG like this (Got an albino riolu from one of the random eggs I was hatching for points, and it's a serious nature male (which, I love the serious nature and prefer male for Riolu))
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