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I, on all max boosts 'cept Lucky Egg... Is devasted. I want (1) impish shiny male Sprigatito! Is that so hard? Usually I want a lonely female(i actually got the female what are the chances?), BUT. Sally. I want a male impish! Is that hard? Please... I had to stick a random pair together. They have a *decent* base - 76%, nothing a few sweet hearts can't boost. But their lvl gap is just too...extreme. It started out as the male was lvl one and the female one hundred. i bet you can guess how well that went. rn...im trying to boost the male. They've been producing more and more eggs so that's good :D Not enough tho that i MISSED the ONE PARTY that I didn't fill in eggs from the daycare for. That one had shiny in it. Of course it did.
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