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QUOTE originally posted by Enbees

I'm actually surprised nobody thought to use the wayback machine previously! I decided to do some digging myself as well, and here are the ones I've found! I don't think I saw any of these on the wiki, but I could be wrong!

hidebox for length

Shiny Hawlucha:
Old New
Albino Hawlucha:
Old New
Melan Hawlucha:
Old New
Shiny Furfrou:
Old New
Melan Swinub:
Old New
Shiny Litleo:
Old New
Albino Litleo:
Old New
Albino Granbull:
Old New
Melan Exeggcute:
Old New
And a handful of very, very old sprites:

Misc. 2014 Beta Sprites

Oh my God why didn't anyone inform me about those placeholder sprites those are amazing
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