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Woah, very cool discovery!! I love seeing how far the art team has come over the years-- and I actually really dig the pose on the old Mega Flygon :o I got inspired to do some poking around Pokéfarm with the WayBack Machine-- didn't think I'd actually find anything, but surprise surprise, I stumbled across a few more old sprites!

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Albino Espeon ~2016 vs current Shiny Mega Zoroark Q ~2016 vs current Mega Lunupine Q ~2016 vs current Albino Kinaster ~2017 vs current Noibat ~2016 vs. current Shiny Noivern ~2016 vs. current

EDIT - More!!

Mega Blaziken ~2016 vs. current Shiny Mega Furret Q ~2015 vs. current Albino Mega Furret Q ~2015 vs. current Albino Paras ~2016 vs. current Albino Totodile ~2016 vs. current

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