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Single post in F2P ZC User Complaints + No Money Spending Tips!!!

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~Bump~ Holy pickled radishes Sally no eating the thread! Oh, I almost forgot this was a complaint thread too. So let's start. Lately, it's been easier for me to get ZC...because I started really bumping my shops in an effort to get more money. Which worked. I also started to fab friday and daily clicking...which worked. Until it didn't. I think this may be because I have really weak consciousness when it comes to online money/any kind of money that is "fake" but I keep buying things T_T For example, I cashed the equivlent of 520 ZC to get a delta'd shiny Lunamor, just spent another 500,000 credits on ~Z-Crystals~ and 300 GP + Some credits on art. This is not good. I need to start locking away money for my own good. Perhaps the reason I cannot get ZC is because I can't save and hoard everything T_T I think maybe I will sell some of my wrong-natured Specials and perhaps that extra albino radar and hope for the best. Probably pick up my template skills so I can make better ones and charge money by next year. And maybe I will finally finishing dexing all the legendary eggs so I can. Finally. Get. To. Making. Boxboxes. *sob*
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