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ok, a bit late now, but ive been thinking about the sprites for the new paradox mons they all look great! very nice and fierce. i really love sandy shocks and i 100% need one, but... (in my buglover opinion,) Not a big fan of the slitherwing sprite personally! I wish it was less of an edit of Volcarona(the face). the shapes of the face feel off and also it looks really tiny especially next to my other pokemon(usually completely dwarfs volcarona). None of the other sprites are taking from the og sprite like this, so its a little disapointing for me cuz i love slither wing haha its just a personal critism, i dont want to upset anyone who worked on them! but he looks a bit off to me while the rest are great and fresh i wish he was HUUUGE at least! or the wings were spread or something. to show the guy's features off better heheh

another comparison cuz i like comparisons

doodle unrelated hes just cute
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