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Hunt Post Thirty-One

HM Duration of 05/Nov til 08/Oct :)
Misdreavus paradox hunt [24♀A] [51♀A] [191♀S] [200 eggs] 06/Nov/2023—09/Nov/2023 Igglybuff paradox hunt [49♂S] [81♀S] [251♀S] [399♀S] [416♀S] [446♂A] [450 eggs] 09/Nov/2023—10/Nov/2023 Klawf tr/paldea hunt [63♂M] [158♀S] [167♀S] [189♀S] [200♂A] [212♂S] [250 eggs] 10/Nov/2023—13/Nov/2023 Glimmet tr/paldea hunt [93♀A] [258♂S] [335 eggs] 13/Nov/2023—17/Nov/2023 Type Race: Rock • albino Shuckle Skitty wf hunt [127♀S] [156♂S] [208♂S] [291♀S] [377♀S] [378♂S] [479♂S] [482♀S] [494♂S] [501♀A] [514♀S] [550 eggs] 18/Nov/2023—22/Nov/2023 Foongus paradox/unova hunt [4♂A] [34♀A] [72♂S] [73♂S] [75♀S] [138♂S] [225 eggs] 22/Nov/2023—24/Nov/2023 Phanpy paradox/gem hunt [13♀A] [29♀A] [62♀S] [104♀S] [106 eggs] 24/Nov/2023 Bagon paradox/gem hunt [41♀S] [184♂A] [190 eggs] 24/Nov/2023—28/Nov/2023 Delibird paradox/gem hunt [104♀S] [176♂S] [198♂S] [262♂S] [312♀A] [350 eggs] 28/Nov/2023—01/Dec/2023 Makuhita paradox hunt [27♂S] [51♂S] [56♂S] [80♂S] [84♀S] [90♀S] [133♂S] [179♂S] [244♂S] [293♀S] [372♀A] [374♂A] [384♂A] [390♂S] [391♀S] [400 eggs] 02/Dec/2023—05/Dec/2023 Paldean Wooper paldea hunt [51♀A] [114♀S] [121♂S] [150 eggs] 05/Dec/2023—06/Dec/2023 Paradox hunts: Donphan, Foongus, Bagon Delibird, Ralts (1S), Makuhita, Larvesta (1A)
Burmy bug hunt [78♀S] [93♀A] [138♂S] [159♂S] [172♂S] [225♀A] [228♂S] [351♂S] [419♀A] [496♀A] [536♂S] [576♀A] [609♂S] [647♀S] [695♂S] [794♀S] [848♂S] [985♀A] [1031♀S] [1137♀S] [1138♀S] [1160♂S] [1183♀A] [1186♂S] [1200 eggs] 06/Dec/2023—18/Dec/2023 Type Race: Ground • albino Arctic Numel • albino Onix • albino Nincada • albino Cubone • albino Cubone • albino Gligar • albino Gligar • albino Silicobra • shiny Gligar Ice Eggs random eggs for gems • albino Snorunt • albino A.Vulpix 18/Dec/2023—20/Dec/2023 Ralts paradox hunt [18♀A] [79♀S] [126 eggs] 21/Dec/2023 Munna gem hunt [37♀A] [47♀S] [202♀S] [219♀A] [220 eggs] 21/Dec/2023—22/Dec/2023
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