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QUOTE originally posted by EstherGamer

QUOTE originally posted by PanconquesoXD

QUOTE originally posted by Fezandipiti

I can definitely confirm this, I'm currently hunting Pumpkaboo and my last shiny was hatched at egg 276 (the one in my party is from an old hunt) and I'm currently at 524 eggs hatched so it's been 250 eggs since my shiny and it only gets harder as you go if you don't hunt with shiny charms, ubercharms, z-crystals and hypermode
i cant buy Hypermode/zc items cause its too expensive where i live so.. oof
Try saving up Gold Poké and using currency exchanges in the trade forums! That's how I get ZC for things like Hypermode because I can't buy things very easily and it helps a ton! With the current exchange rates 500 GP is worth around 100 ZC, in case that helps
oh. thank you very much! although i am really unlucky with scour drops and box drops. that is an easier way to get zc!
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